Jan 13, 2013

*SAMPLE SALE* Me and My Calvins

You wanna know what came between me and my Calvins today? A sample sale. One of America's influential fashion houses, Calvin Klein Collection, kicked off a 5-day sample sale today. I decided it was in my best interest to spend my Sunday afternoon shopping & browsing the selection. This was my first sample sale of 2013 and I secretly hoped it would be a good one.

Modern ladies who are on the hunt for sleek silhouettes, simple lines, and monochromatic hues often go for Calvin Klein. The label isn't known for seductive & flirtatious styles but rather structural dresses & architectural shapes. From boardroom power suits to elegant dinner separates, I found out that today's sample sale held tons of chic & modern wardrobe staples.

Though I spent most of my time in the women's section, it was the men's merchandise that dominated today's sale. So, here's the Cliff's Notes on menswear. Located on the far right side, I found a wall of dress shirts individually wrapped in plastic packagings. From solid whites to colorful stripes, there were plenty to choose from. Across from these dress shirts were countless racks of 75% off suits, down coats, and wool overcoats. Almost all the suits were of darker shade and perfect as gentlemen's office attire. As for men's bags, there were leather briefcases and oversized travel bags priced 60% off.

Now, for the ladies. I would say 40% of today's total merchandise was for women. Organized by size, I found plenty of knitwear (XS~XXL), winter outerwear (size 2~14), and dresses (size 2~14). Everything in the RTW section was discounted 75%. I saw a blush knee length wool coat for $748.75 (originally $2,995), a black double-breasted jacket for $275 (originally $1,100), and a sleeveless shift dress for $287.50 (originally $ 1,150). And just like the mens, but at a far lesser scale, there were plenty of pant suits aimed at stylish career women. Classy suits (mostly in black) could be had for around $625. If you're looking for simple knit tops, the gigantic table in the middle of the showroom should satisfy your needs. Women's & men's sweaters, cardigans, and T-shirts were neatly placed on this extra long table. Just to give you a price reference, I found a basic charcoal gray knit top for $237.50 (originally $950) and a logo T-shirts for $23.75 (originally $95).

Women's handbags were located towards the back of the room next to the men's briefcases. There were hobos, leather satchels, flap-over shoulder bags, and large shopper totes. Just like the men's, women's bags were 60% off original prices. The cream leather satchels you see in the photo above were $336 (originally $840). As far as any additional accessories go, there weren't any. Finally, if you decide to attend this sample sale, remember that this is a credit card only event.


  1. Awesome discounts! Very perfect to start the year.

  2. No shoes, i guess?

  3. No line to get in. 80% off RTW and 70% off bags now. It's a very slow sale hence the extra discount.

  4. I love fashion. Really loved this article, keep posting things like this please!


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