Feb 26, 2013

In Living Color

I found this pictorial from Marie Claire Australia and fell instantly in love. It was lensed by Nicole Bentley in the beautiful city of Salvador, Brazil. The whole pictorial looks stunning. The way they used vibrant colors & textural prints, I am completely inspired. They kind of reminded me of this Vogue Australia editorial.

{Image credit: Marie Claire Australia, March 2013}


  1. I do appreciate the artistic quality and beauty of these images, but you do realize that using indigenous peoples (and their culture) as props for a fashion spread is really offensive, right?

    I love fashion and all, but we don't need any more reminders of how vapid and and culturally inept the fashion industry can be.

    1. I highly disagree. Fashion can be an effective means to express and highlight the very best of a culture. And in some cases, fashion is the only way a culture with less media presence can be seen in the spotlight through the full page spreads of fashion blogs and magazines.


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