Feb 27, 2013

*SAMPLE SALE* Diptyque Critique

The simplest and easiest way to spruce up your home is with one of Diptyque's supremely indulgent candles or perfumes. Unfortunately, these heavenly scents come with heavy price tags. So it's always welcomed news when Diptyque decides to host a sample sale for their customers. Since I had such an incredible shopping experience at their last sample sale, I decided to go back this year for round two. Spoiler: Even today's soggy weather couldn't stop me from stocking up on some of Diptyque's alluring scents at great discounts.

Unlike the dreary and dull weather, today's Diptyque sample sale was pleasant and enjoyable. When I arrived there were about 45 shoppers waiting in the rain. Thankfully, the kind people at Diptyque and 260 Sample Sale decided to open the doors 30 minutes early out of courtesy to the cold and soaked shoppers. Once inside, I quickly made my first stop at the candle section. Here I found various scents like Tubereuse, Figuier, Iris, Oyédo, Baies, Feu de Bois, Gardenia, Rosamundi, Pomander, Cyprès, Verveine, Pin Sylvestre, Jasmin. In addition there were a few special edition Valentine's Day candles and holiday candles. Prices were easy to spot as they were marked on large letter papers: standard candles (190g) were $30, colored candles (300g) were $45, and mini candles (70g) were $14. Other merchandise included $138 XL candles, $42 coffrets, $39 Valentine's Day & Rose Duo candles, $34 holiday candles, and $16 mini holiday candles. You can find the full price list at the end of this article.

Other than the brand's famed candles, there was also a nice selection of fragrances available for scent-hungry shoppers. From floral aromas like L'Ombre dans l'Eau & Ofrésia to fruity scents like Philosykos, there were plenty of fragrances and colognes to match any of your moods. Prices for personal fragrances were $40 (50ml) & $55 (100ml). Roll-ons were $24 & $28 and solid perfumes were $24 (available in L'Ombre, Philosykos, Don Son, and Tam Dao).

I also found Diptyque's 50th anniversary collection--The 34 boulevard Saint Germain--at today's sale. Candles from this collection were $40, eau de toilettes were $68 (100ml) & $50 (50ml), eau particulars were $68, single soaps were $15, and scented ovals were $25.

This year's Diptyque sample sale is scheduled to run for 3 days, but I would head over ASAP as the inventory was flying off the display tables. Plus, I was informed by a Diptyque employee that they would not be replenishing. And, oh, they only accept credit cards.

Price list:
Standard candle 190g $30
Colored candle 300g $45
Mini candle 70g $14

34 Collection
34 candle $40
100ml $68
50ml $50
34 Eau particular $68
34 Single soap $15
34 Scented oval $25

XL candle 500g $138
Coffrets $42
Scented ovals $23
Room spray $25

Art of Body Care
Crème for the hands $19
Fresh body lotion $29
Precious oils $39
Body crème rich $45
Body scrub $34
Velvet hand lotion $21
Handsoap $19
Satin oil $29
Revitalizing shower gel $19
Creamy body wash $21

75ml $70
EDP Roll on $28
Solid perfume $24

Fragrance EDTs
50ml $40
100ml $55
Roll on $24

Snuffer $19
Wick trimmer $19
Lid $11

Holiday candle 190g $34
Holiday mini candle $16

Holiday 190g $27
Holiday 70g $12
EDT 100 $21
EDP $27
34 Roomspray $23
Cologne 200 $27
Fresh body lotion $11

Valentine's Day candle $39
Rose Duo candle $39


  1. Ah, why oh why, can't I live in NY! Sydney has so few sample sales compared to the amazing ones that you post about!

    Anyone out there want to buy some coffrets for me?

    Thanks for the great blog Mizhattan. I subscribe even though I am not in NY. It's torturous really!


  2. Hello! I just wanted to add to your critique to help future shoppers about this sale as I was in line about 100 people behind you arriving at about 30-minutes after the official start of the sale (oh and a huge tangent - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE you for always so kindly sharing in great detail and always providing such lovely inspiration ALL THE TIME! THANK YOU!).

    So, I arrived at half past the official sale start time to find velvet ropes out in front having all the customers queue up rather in an organised manner with an employee guarding the front door watching who goes in (once a shopper exits, one was allowed in) resulting in a waiting time of about an hour outside in the cold and the rain. That aside, once I got in all the popular scents, notably anything BAIES was non-existent. I, too, asked if they would replenish and they gave the same reply - non. Boo :-( oh well, the early bird gets the Baies! Sadly, no Baies for me, nor any Rose Duet, nor any Valentine's . . . and I was in the early bunch of clients waiting to get in ... behind me, there were no more velvet ropes to queue the clients and the poor "late" comers were snaking themselves all the way around the corner of the block and down 26th street! It was far too disheartening to take a photo of them as Lord only knew how many candles (if any) would be left by the time the 20th person behind me got access INTO the store.
    I will say that I, like you, made a bee line for the candles and was one of the first to swoop up the last remaining Tuberoses, and the last, unwrapped Figuier. Giving people boxes to shop with does not help -- everyone hoards all the popular scents. Even the coffrets with Baies were non-existent when I got to the coffrets.

    @Ellie above, while you don't have access to NY sample sales, you guys have a lot of other lovely brands that we don't have here, so chin up! Also, I am sure you can find someone on ebay selling their loot (not me, sadly, I adore these gems!).

    Even the 34 and the oils were nearly gone, all the creams were nearly gone, the only thing left in abundance were the fragrances, so for next year for all of you who cannot skip out of work or cannot get to the sale early but only care for their fragrances, fret not, there are LOTS of fragrances as they are the last to go.

    Thanks MIZHATTAN! You are MARVELOUS!

    1. I don't know who you are, Anonymous, but thank you for your very kind words and personal insight into this sale. Also, I apologize for replying to your comment so late. I've been busy the last few days and I must have overlooked it. Please do get in touch with me and don't forget to share your insights on any other sample sales you attend in the future.


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