Mar 8, 2013


1. The sidewalk skimmer in tearose at Madewell, $82
2. Cece Liberty floral ballet flats at J.Crew, $198
3. Novelty ballet flats at Gap, $39.95
4. Miles sneakers at Tory Burch, $125
5. Olive mid heel slingbacks at LOFT, $89.50
6. Champion floral sneakers at Ked's, $45
7. TOMS printed hemp strappy wedge sandals at Bergdorf Goodman, $69
8. Ked's x Madewell floral high-top sneakers at Madewell, $75
9. Perfect floral print block heels at Ann Taylor, $138
10. Embroidered floral classics at TOMS, $58

1 comment:

  1. These are all so cute flower printed shoes. I couldn't choose which one's the best because I love them all.


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