Apr 15, 2013

*SAMPLE SALE* A Look Inside Jil Sander's VIP Day

For those who plan on dropping by tomorrow's Jil Sander sample sale, I have a few early notes regarding the event. A fellow Mizhattanite, who attended today's VIP day, was kind enough to send me details on what will be available to shoppers tomorrow. Read what she has to say and decide for yourselves if it is worth waiting in line for. Here is her VIP-day insight into the sale:

"There were a few gorgeous dresses from RS's last runway collection, though even at 85% off, they were still rather pricey. There were also a lot of jackets, coats, skirts, pants that are typical JS fare. And then there were a few long hangers with JS Navy items (skirts, dresses). In the middle, there was a table with knits; about half were JS Navy; some were 90% off. For men, there were some great outerwear options; fairly few shirts and some knits; and some suits. But the majority of items were for women."

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