Apr 2, 2013

*SAMPLE SALE* Who's the Boss

Acclaimed for their immaculate detailing and classic cuts, Hugo Boss has garnered a fan-base for their effortless style. The label hosted their sample sale today at their office showroom, and just as I expected, the sale's primary focus was on menswear. But don't worry ladies, you weren't totally left out, there was a little something for you as well. So, here we go!

As I mentioned many times, Hugo Boss sample sales held at their corporate office compared to those at Soiffer Haskin usually focus on men's merchandise. I will get to the details on the men's section later, but first, let's start with womenswear. Located on the far side of the entrance, the women's merchandise was comprised of basic office-appropriate clothing and casual daywear. In the middle of the racked-off area is a giant table of women's shoes. Sizes were limited but prices were impressive. Flats were $30, sandals were $60, booties were $75, and boots were $110. The selection on shoes were mostly for daytime, but I did spot a few metallic and exotic sandals you could wear for evening hours.

Women's clothing such as crisp button-down shirts, casual polos, tailored blazers, LBDs, jeans/trousers, and a colorful arrangement of dresses were neatly organized by category. Prices were reasonable. Coats were $185, blouses were $40, dresses were $115, jeans were $40, blazers were $100, and leathers were $75~$300. You can check out the full price list at the end of this article. There was also a designated table for handbags, but no bags were present by the time I got in. As for fitting rooms, they were available for both women and men but the black curtains meant to keep out peering eyes were slightly shear.

Moving to the men's merchandise, the sale featured a wide selection of sizes and styles. There were tons of inventory at amazing prices--I would even venture to say the deals were MUCH better here. To mention a few price points, casual coats were $175 & $195, down vests were $125, shorts were $25, coats were $185, T-shirts were $30, jeans/trousers were $40, knits were $60, and the label's suits were $295. Compared to the women's section, the ambiance in menswear was at an absolute frenzy.

On my way out, I spotted random accessories like $20 scarves, $15 hats, $20 gloves, and $25 wallets that I must have missed when I came in. In addition, there was a large table full of PJs and loungewear.

I was told that there will be limited restocking on womenswear tomorrow and that prices will most likely drop later this week. Just so you know, credit cards are the only accepted form of payment.

Price list:
Sportcoats $175 & $195
Ties $25
Sandals $20
Sneakers $45
Vests $25
Down vests $125
Shorts $25
Jean jackets/Windbreakers $65
Outerwear $185
Polos/T-shirts/Hoodies/Zip-ups $30
Trousers/Jeans $40
Sweatpants $25
Knitwear $60
Suits $295
Hats $15
Gloves $20
Wallets $25

Flat shoes $30
Heels/Sandals $60
Booties $75
Boots $110
Small bags $50
Medium bags $75
Large bags $100
Leather jacket with fur $300
Fur vest $200
Leather jacket/Leather dress $275
Leather skirt $175
Vest/Jean jacket with fur $75
Coats $185
Blouses $40
Gowns $125
Dresses $115
Jersey/Knit dresses $60
Trousers/Jeans $40
Blazers/Jackets $100
Jersey tops $30
Knitwear $60
Skirts $40
Tanks $20
Belts $20

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