Jul 31, 2013

ALERT: Christian Dior Price Increase

I received a rather unwelcome call from my SA at Christian Dior yesterday. She alerted me to the company's upcoming price restructuring. Starting August 1st, La maison Dior will charge an extra 10% on all handbags. Yikes! This price hike includes iconic leather goods such as the Lady Dior, Miss Dior, and Diorissimo. Shoppers should expect an unfortunate up-charge of around $300 to $500 depending on the style. Mercifully, I was also informed that wallets will not be included in this latest price increase. If you're serious about purchasing any of the Dior bags, I suggest you drop by their boutique on 57th Street ASAP!

{Image credit: Dior}


  1. do they increase already mizhattan?

    1. Yes, prices on most handbags have been increased since August 1st.


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