Sep 19, 2013

A Few Cozy Things

Basic knits usually don't sit on top of my "must-have" shopping list but I'm having an incredibly hard time trying to resist these cozy knitwear temptations from Zara. Perhaps it's due to this week's chilly weather but I really really REALLY want each and every top. The oversized turtleneck, angora dress, pink cashmere, glittery sequin, blushed pink see-through, embroidered butterflies, quarter sleeve sand, and see-through gray all look so good!

{Image credit: Zara}


  1. You read my mind. Zara is killing it, as the young folk say. Everything about these sweaters screams "minimalism" and "European cool." And it isn't just the sweaters. I'm anxiously awaiting the leopard print coat to be available. I keep looking at the skirts. I caved the other day and bought the fake leather pleated shorts (such a good deal), instead of spending $240 on Shopbop for a pair by Tibi that are final sale.

    1. That skirt is a beauty. I hope you enjoy your shorts.

    2. Yes, I hope you enjoy the shorts you bought!

  2. dibs on the butterfly(?) one


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