Sep 20, 2013

*FRIDAY FRUGAL FINDS* Tortoise and the Flair

1. Crystal and tortoise earrings at J.Crew, $85
2. Kenneth Jay Lane graduated link necklace at Shopbop, $80
3. Clutch bag at H&M, $24.95
4. Bold cat eye sunglasses at C. Wonder, $78
5. Small square studs at Kate Spade, $38
6. Leather court shoes with tortoise shell heels at Zara, $99.90
7. Tortoise hardshell for Samsung Galaxy S4 at Tory Burch, $50
8. Kate Spade medium pyramid tortoise bow at Bloomingdale's, $98
9. Gallery pave link bracelet at Ann Taylor, $48
10. Michael Kors Ritz watch at Piperlime, $225 


  1. Reading my mind again. Have been in desperate need of a pair of tortoise shell glasses for fall--but didn't want to break the bank. Now I have made my first ever C Wonder purchase. Thank you!

    1. I'm so glad you like them. Tortoise frames look fab in the fall.

  2. Completely off topic, but thought I'd just post that the first of the Philip Lim for Target items arrived today. Also wanted to note that some items appear to be in stock online, and that there have been many returns to stores, so some things might still be available.

    I received the black dress with pleather insets. It is going back. I had heard that the collection was running large, but for this dress ordered my size, and am glad I did. It fit, but was not special/amazing.

    The good--the fabric was surprisingly decent quality. A decent weight. The zipper had a little 3.1 on it. There had been quite some work put into placing pleats and pockets, as in, this wasn't just a sheath with a zipper.

    But the fabric to me felt flat--even black has to have depth. The neckline was incredibly blah--didn't frame the face, didn't commit to any kind of shape, and the stiff fabric meant that the sleeves popped out rigidly, not because they were designed to do so, but because they had no choice. I think there are other black sheath dresses with real leather or fake leather insets that aren't "Philip Lim" that show off the body a bit more, and I'd rather have one of those.

    I'm most interested to see how the prints will work in the shirts. And I'm curious about the blue cotton sweater. I'll write a note when those arrive. Apologies for taking up space . . .

    1. No apologies necessary! This is the most in-depth reporting on the quality/fitting of a piece of clothing. Excellent write-up!!


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