Sep 16, 2013

*MIZDEAL* 25% off J.Crew

For those looking to update your fall wardrobe, here's a great offer from J.Crew. Starting today until Wednesday, September 25th, the fashion retailer is offering 25% off your purchase in-stores & online. For online purchases, use promo code: SHOPFALL at checkout.

{Image credit: J.Crew}


  1. I happened to be in the city and stopped by to see some of the new arrivals. While the jeweled baseball cap is not my cup of tea, I did see it in stock at the Rockefeller store. I think it is not shipping very soon if you purchase online. I really liked some of the items with brocade, and completely caved on one of the sweatshirts. This year I am trying to purchase my cashmere elsewhere. It is difficult to resist JCrew. Their merchandising is really good, and they have just the right amount of "stuff" in their stores. I am easily overwhelmed in department stores, and as I am very busy, I like not having to take the time to filter through so much information. Drexler and his Crew are very good at what they do.

  2. I think J.Crew hit its peak awhile back. They were cranking out great stuff when Drexler took it private but not anymore. Also, the Flatiron store is the better location in terms of "stuff".

  3. I love J Crews leather leggings and the new shoe collection this fall. One can't go wrong with the Chanel like high heels.



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