Sep 5, 2013

Rock & Romance

As soon as I saw these four outfits from Isabel Marant's Resort '14 Collection, I fell completely in love. Look how the designer melds her signature rock & roll aesthetic with something completely opposite. Romantic details like the decorative frills and the bow-embellished sandals work beautifully well with the rocker chic leather pants and masculine outerwear. This is what I call an interesting sartorial mix.


  1. This is why I adore your blog. You have a true editor's eye. ;-) I appreciate when you tell us *why* something works. My (some would say overly) rational brain likes to know the nuts and bolts of things--I like to know why something looks great, beyond just feeling an initial emotional response to an image. I can't wait to see the Marant/H&M collab.

    1. I'm so touched by your kind words. Thank you! I also can't wait for the Marant x H&M collab to come out. But until then, we have the Philip Lim for Target collection to look forward to on the 15th of this month.


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