Sep 8, 2013

*SUNDAY WINDOW SHOPPING* Saks Fifth Avenue (Sept. '13)

It's hard not to notice Saks Fifth Avenue's new window display. The department store's grand main windows were beaming so brightly as I walked by that I had to check them out. With a backdrop reminiscent of a mirror funhouse, I noticed the same shiny orbs of various sizes that appeared during Christian Dior's Fall '13 runway. The walls, the orbs, the giant lips, and the Fall '13 RTW/accessories melded together to create a surreal form of imagery. More photos after the break!


  1. Love these windows. New York must have some of the best windows in the world. What a unique city that it can support creative window dressing. I love the mouth at the end--so Schiapparelli. Reminds me too of the Lulu Frost Impromptu pin--a giant mouth. Fall seems like a great time for surrealism--the grown up's alternative to Halloween. What a wonderful presentation of clothes.

    You know--I used to completely avoid looking at something like Dior. It seemed completely beyond my reach, and not at all relevant to my life. But with things like the Consolidation Sale, and sample sales, I have started to pay more attention to high end goods. At the very least, they are a great way to train the eye. I mean--we all have to be ready, right? You never know when you might have a chance to purchase something extra special, and then you have to have an opinion about what you like and want.

    1. I completely agree that NYC has the best window displays in the world. The city is a melting pot of creative talent, IMO.

      Dior is completely attainable. You just have to know when to shop and what to shop. And you're definitely right about "training the eye". I think having an opinion about each brand is important to overall measure your style and what you feel comfortable wearing at your "point in life".

  2. You know, I misspoke. I certainly paid attention to Dior when Galliano was at the helm. But I thought of looking at his work a little the way I do about going to Christie's or Sotheby's to look at paintings and sculpture.

    Then again--I also think there's nothing stopping an ordinary person from shopping at an auction house when the price is right. I suppose the same could be true for Dior.


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