Oct 15, 2013

*SAMPLE SALE* Bad Acne Treatment

Swedish high-end fashion brand Acne Studios opened its doors to NYC bargain shoppers early this afternoon. With the label's signature cool off-duty styles at discounted prices, Acne's fans lined up outside waiting to be treated to a bargain remedy. I decided to drop by to see what they had to offer. Unfortunately, today's Acne sample sale turned out to be a major bust.

Originally established as a creative consultancy, Acne Studios creates clothing that are equal parts comfortable and chic. But sadly, today's sample sale was a big waste of my time. With only 7 loosely spaced racks of women's clothing & 6 racks of men's, today's inventory of sale merchandise could be charitably called "limited". Also, to the contrary to the company's advertisement that promised fall '13 offerings, the stock at today's sale was mostly lightweight materials rather than autumnal styles. 

The women's section consisted of items like feather-weight tanks, T-shirts, printed dresses, skirts, jeans, and an anemic selection of outerwear (2 shearling coats & only a few leather jackets). Denims, I thought, were the best part of the sale but sizes were mostly available in 27 and up. As for prices, furs & shearlings were $500, leathers were $350, jeans were $100, dresses were $100, blazers were $150, skirts were $100, shirts were $75, tanks were $50, boots were $200, and shoes were $150. Though the prices for accessories such as bags, belts, wallets, gloves, and hats were written on their list, there were absolutely no accessories available. A few pairs of unappealing shoes were the only non-apparel items at today's sale.

The men's section was pretty scarce as well. There were only 6 racks of clothing consisting of lightweight blazers, jeans, T-shirts, and pants.

I know Acne has a large cult following but this week's sample sale may not be worth your time. Though the sale runs till tomorrow, the inventory was very low and no replenishment or further markdowns are expected for tomorrow.

Price list:
Fur/Shearling $500
All leather $350
Outerwear coats $200
Light jackets $150
Jeans/Jean jackets $100
Shoes $150
Boots $200
Dresses $100
Blazers $150
Suit trousers $75
Skirts/Shorts $100
Shirts/Blouses $75
Sweaters $100
Fleece/Sweatshirts $75
Acne mini $30
T-shirts/Tanks $50
Bags $150
Leather wallets $50
Belts $40
Gloves/Hats $25


  1. Wow, that looks pitiful. Much thanks for valiantly sacrificing your time so we won't have to.

    1. The sale really was a bust, but thank you for your kind words.


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