Nov 3, 2013

*SUNDAY WINDOW SHOPPING* Ralph Lauren Children (Nov. '13)

While the Ralph Lauren flagship boutique was drawing attention with its Halloween-themed windows, the children's and babies' store located just a few steps away welcomed shoppers with a friendly "autumn in the country" display. Beautiful fall foliage, a roadside stand, fall camping equipments, hot cranberry pies, and stylish children's wear definitely got me in the mood for November and some leaf peeping. More photos after the break!


  1. I would just like to whine here that while NYC has some very nicely dressed men, Tokyo honestly takes the cake when it comes to uniform chicness. I do so wish men bothered to dress up in the west as they do here. I mean--one gorgeous outfit after another. I'm sitting here eating my breakfast and man after man has great shoes and accessories and looks just so very polished. What would it be like to live in a world where aesthetics were just taken for granted?

    1. I agree with you that men in Asia dress well. For that matter, so do European men. But the gentlemen in NYC are unique in their own style, don't you think?

      I hope you have a fantastic time in Japan! Have a safe flight back!!


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