Nov 24, 2013

*SUNDAY WINDOW SHOPPING* Tiffany & Co. (Nov. '13)

Can you believe it's the holiday season already? My oh my, how fast time flies! While walking along Fifth Avenue earlier this week, I noticed many fashion brands dressing up their stores with holiday decorations. Tiffany & Co., for instance, had their art department depict the streets of the Upper East Side on a snowy white Christmas Eve. Just like last year, Tiffany is melting shopper's hearts with their whimsical holiday windows. Enjoy!


  1. Magical. And I love how they used the Tiffany blue--truly whimsical. Thank you! I have a little one, and think this year he will actually be able to enjoy the windows. Can't wait to share.

    Okay. Embarrassing question, betraying my utter lack of sophistication. What kinds of things does one prepare to buy at the department store presale (I think that's what it's called). I have always mostly stayed out of the big stores, as I assume I just can't swim with the elegant ladies inside. And that I can't possibly filter that much information. Should you or anyone else care to share (or point me to something to read), I would be most curious. And grateful.

    1. Hi Unknown,

      You should definitely take your little one on a trip down 5th. I would start at Bergdorf (but that's more for you!) to Tiffany then a short detour across the street to Henri Bendel and then to Saks and Lord & Taylor. If he isn't too tired by then, make a turn on 34th to Macy's.

      First, get rid of that preconceived notion that only "elegant" ladies shop. That's so not true. Next, I would love to point you in the right direction but I never wrote a MizGuide on pre-sales. Hmmm...maybe I should. Anyways, if you let me know what you want to know, I'll try my best to help!

      As always, thank you for reading!

  2. How right you are to incorporate windows with Santa. And some hot chocolate somewhere. Thanks again for these pictures. I look forward to more!

    I guess--I know I can get great merchandise from sample sales. Those are easy for me to navigate. I just concentrate on what is available from brands I like, and think about what I need and make a decision based on fit and price. I know which brands have samples that fit me and that makes it easy to shop.

    But what does one buy at a Saks presale? Brands that usually don't have sample sales? Do people tend to buy accessories, handbags and shoes? Is that the intelligent plan of attack? Or outerwear, perhaps? Do the department stores put desirable items--a Chanel bag--on sale? Do people save the presales for bags and shoes?

    I am great at being patient and waiting for, say, Saks to mark down Loeffler Randall shoes so the price is lower than the LR sample sale. But I don't really understand what the presale is for, for someone who likes luxury, but is a bargain hunter. Is it for evening wear? (Impractical in my life). Is it for perfume?

    And again, I apologize for my ignorance. I know people who work in finance/law in NYC already know how to shop at Saks and Bergdorf.

    1. You shouldn't apologize. Everything in life is a learning process. Let me try to help.

      Presale is the time to grab up the "desirable, won't-last-an-instant-during-regular-sale" items. Its usually a fabulous pair of shoes that any girl would love to have. It can also be a staple piece that you know someone will grab up the instant it hits the sale racks.

  3. So kind of you to respond. Thank you. So, if I have been coveting a Prada Saffiano tote, this might be a way to buy on? It seems all the pre-sales require VIP status, which I assume means I have to buy a lot to even become a VIP? Or just go to a store and be charming and genuinely interested (which would not be hard).

    1. Presale isn't for VIPs. It's for any and every one. It's just that VIPs get notice of the sale. That's why we plebs have Mizhattan!


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