Dec 15, 2013


Jason Wu, the epitome of Park Avenue chic and Obama-approved designer, opened his first-ever sample sale today. I had a chance to check out the offerings this morning and the sale space was brimming with Mr. Wu's gorgeous past collections. The choices of merchandise ranged from feminine laces to chic chiffons to stunning feathered outfits. I can honestly say, the designer's captivating designs Wu-ed me right in.

Despite the remnants of the passing storm slushing up the sidewalks, my morning started just fine thanks to Jason Wu. When I first stepped inside the Madison Sq. Park sale venue, I was immediately greeted by Wu's signature looks. Aside from creating scene-stealing gowns, the designer is best known for adding a luxurious twist to American classics. At today's event, I would have to say that there were enough drool-worthy pieces to woo the crowds right off the street.

The RTW section was organized by size and category. I'll first start off will the five decent-sized racks of PRICE AS MARKED items. In this "let's peek at the prices tag first" section, I spotted pieces from his Fall '13 collection such as this lace-covered peplum dress, this polka-dot chiffon blouse, this curve-defining tweed dress, this pair of tweed shorts, and this feather-embellished sateen dress. Although most items were well above the $300 mark, I considered the prices reasonable as the select merchandise was still discounted far more than at department stores and online retailers. Case in point, the feather-embellished frock I mentioned above was $1,485 but it's currently priced $2,475 at Net-a-Porter. The polka-dot chiffon blouse was $356 at today's sale but the exact same one retails for $711 at Net-A-Porter.

Now, moving onto the regular racks. Unsurprisingly, prices were lower than the PAM section. Comprised of $300 leather tops, $125 T-shirts, and $200 knits (full prices list at the end of this article) I found around 25 racks of goods beckoning shoppers to come hither. On a side note, I'm sure many of you are shocked by these relatively costly price points but please do try to remember Jason Wu's designs cater to high spenders and upscale masses.

If glamorous outfits aren't your main concern, there were plenty of shoes, handbags, and accessories available. Fortunately, the shoe section was reasonably priced and well stocked with many different styles. Everything from embellished booties to satin pumps to strappy sandals were priced at $150. The handbag section was also abundant. I spotted Miss Wu mini shoulder bags in python & metallic, Miss Wu shoulder bag in multi-colors, Daphne crossbody bags in various hues, and Ming clutches. Handbags were $200 for small leathers, $250 for mediums, $300 for large totes, and $150 for clutches.

On my way out, I found a nice variety of sunglasses and optical frames priced at only $25. Since this is the brand's first sample sale, it is uncertain if markdowns will taken on the last day. As always, I will keep you updated via Twitter and with a comment below.

Price list:
Leather and embroidered tops $300
Tops $250
Tanks/T-shirts $125
Knits $200
Skirts $400
Pants $195
Shorts $125
Blazers $500
Jackets/Coats $650
Daydresses $550
Cocktail dresses $900
Gowns $1,200

Accessories and Handbags
Large leather handbags $300
Medium leather handbags $250
Small leather handbags $200
Clutches $150
Embroidered clutches $300
Exotic skin handbags $350
Shoes $150
Belts $50
Sunglasses $25


  1. how were prices at ralph lauren salesample sale

  2. Hi
    When does the sale end
    Will prices be reduced?

  3. Great reporting Miz! Prices were tad on the expensive side but I was happy with my purchases. Shoes were worth a look IMO.

  4. Thank you for great report, Miz! Belive it or not, but my day now starts with visiting your site for the last half a year :). By any chance, did you take a look what shoe sizes they have? I'm size 6, and not sure if they have anything this small..

    1. Thank you so much for your compliment. :)

      The shoe boxes were placed behind the shoe table. Shoppers interested in sizes needed to ask the staff for assistance.

  5. Thank you so much for the review. At the very least, I feel like a sample sale like this makes it easy to become familiar with the repertoire of a slightly out of sight designer and are worth visiting for that alone.

    I don't know if you will be going to the Equipment sale, Mizhattan--it sounds like it might not quite be your thing. But I'm curious about any previews there.

    1. Unfortunately, I won't be attending the Equipment, Joie & Current/Elliott sale this week but not because the brand isn't my style. I just can't find the time to go. If anyone attends the sale tomorrow, feel free to leave a comment and share your findings with your fellow Mizhattanites. Thanks a bunch!

    2. I attended the Equipment, etc. preview this evening. I was surprised by how little inventory there was - I remember it being packed to the rafters in the past. This is the first time I was able to make the preview though so perhaps they put more out tomorrow for the public opening? Prices were consistent with the past few sales - CE jeans $40, Equipment blouses $50, Joie was $35 for pants, $45 for tops, $50 for sweaters, $50 for dresses. The Soft Joie stuff was cheaper across the board. I picked up a few pairs of CE jeans - all current styles so a great buy for $40 - but nothing else was terribly interesting. Hope that helps.

    3. ...and leather was $150 but that was going fast.

    4. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out. It's very kind of you and I so appreciate it!

    5. Yes, thank you sooo~ much for letting us know. Current/Elliott jeans for $40 is a great deal. Hope you enjoy them for a long time. Thank you again!

    6. Just thought I'd post that I got a pair of jeans, and managed to snag leather leggings or skinnes or whatever they were. I also got the Equipment blouse with the Eiffel Tower, which I had admired online, but for which I did not want to pay full price. Your report prompted me to go and I thank you!

  6. Is it a big line there today?

  7. Any word on markdowns today or tomorrow?

  8. The bags were very damaged
    I'm glad didn't buy as they are significantly reduced on the dept store websites

  9. Great news! Take an additional 40% off on Jason Wu samples & an additional 25% off on AS MARKED items. Today is the last day of the sale (12/17).

    1. ...and down the street from 260 Sample Sales, was the Jason Wu sale and I went in time for the markdowns. It was an interesting experience to see Wu's collection. I ended up with a blouse that I can wear with anything--jeans, leather shorts, a pencil skirt--and I love it. Very unique. I decided that the dresses, while beautiful, weren't anything I really needed. Yet. ;-)

      In the dressing room, Mizhattan, a few of us spoke about your blog. You are quite beloved.

    2. What kind of blouse? How much was it?

    3. Thank you for your kind words. This site is nothing without your support. Thank you.

    4. I'm shy about posting about the blouse! Because someone will recognize my purchase! But, it was a silk blouse, tie neck, snakeskin print. The amazing thing about the fabric was the way the print varied--it's a tighter print on the sleeves, neck, lapel and tie. It widens out in the body. As a result, it has tremendous movement, and is so flattering on the body.

      Actually, that polka dot Marisa Webb blouse that Mizhattan posted a while back did the same kind of thing. It's details like that, which I think really make a high end designer interesting--the clothes are more interesting and then you, consequently look more interesting that you are (or at least this applies to me).

      The blouse was $150. I don't even want to know what it was originally.

      I also tried all the feather skirts to get it out of my system. Everything looked ridiculous on me . . .

  10. Hi Mizhattan,
    Do you think at closing hours the sale will be reduced furthur?

    Thank you!

    1. I highly doubt it but I'll let you know if they do.

  11. If you want bags - I would run not walk. Ton of lizard skin bags at only $210. I didn't even see these on the first day.
    Ladies are buying bags left and right.
    Yes Wu bags are discounted online on Neimans, Net or such but not near these prices. Cross body bags on sale on Net right now for $800 is at this sale for $150 - in better colors.
    No sunglasses left.
    Only size 2/4/6 left

  12. Oh, I hope someone gets a bag and reports back! I regret now not picking one up when I had the chance.

    Here is how distorted shopping in NYC can make you. I hesitated over getting the Current Elliot sample leather skinny jeans (or leggings or whatever they are) for $150. I just looked on the Current Elliot website. The pants retail for around $900......I had no idea.

    1. I did! I did! I have them. I think I will wear them with a gold Alice and Olivia top to a party on Friday . . . my whole outfit will probably end up being sample sale items. . .

    2. You are living the dream. Your wallet must love you.

    3. Well, on a message board dedicated to wonderful shopping experiences, it is easy to present oneself as living a dream. ;-) I assure you, most moments of my day are thoroughly, concrete sidewalk crashingly, mundane.

  13. The bags looked really great, especially for the price! Very ladylike in various sizes,shapes and colors. I ended up getting a pair of leather pants and although I winced at the price (at around $300). I realized that they were worth it as leather leggings that arent nearly as nice go for twice as much. I looked up the pants later on and found that they retailed for $1,999!

    1. Thank you for your insight! And nice steal!! I hope you enjoy them!!!


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