Dec 29, 2013

*SUNDAY WINDOW SHOPPING* Bergdorf Goodman (Dec. '13)

Continuing from our last Sunday Window Shopping article, here are 26 additional photos of Bergdorf Goodman's spectacular holiday display. For this week, we put our full attention on the grand windows that line 5th Avenue. David Hoey and his team once again took the helm in creating the department store's annual holiday windows. This time they not only celebrate Christmas but classic American holidays like Arbor Day, 4th of July, Valentine's Day, and Halloween. Titled Holidays on Ice, 5 bigger-than-life windows of Bergdorf Goodman were beautifully decked with eye-popping, jaw-dropping, show-stopping landscapes.


  1. Beautiful windows! I used to live in NYC and miss visiting the holiday window displays. Thanks to your beautiful pictures, I almost feel like I'm there. :) Also, I adore the shoes featured in the Valentine's Day window. I tried finding them online but with no success. Any idea of the brand? Thanks for the festive post and happy holidays!

  2. I love these windows too. Bergdorf are always my favorite--a magical mix of surreal and holiday. Thank you for the photos!


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