Jan 6, 2014

ALERT: Hermès Price Increase 2014

Sad but inevitable news to report. From Birkin to Bolide and from Constance to Collier de Chien, French luxury house Hermès is planning a price increase for 2014. According to my source, the company's 6~10% markup is expected to start late next week, with the transition fully finalized by the end of January, and will include every product in the store (leather goods will be impacted the most). The US is not the only market affected by higher price tags. Hermès prices in some European countries have already gone up since the start of the new year. So, in case your wish list for 2014 consists of a new bag, bracelet, scarf, and/or other lavish items from Hermès, I suggest you act on it fast.

{Image credit: WSJ Magazine, February 2009}


  1. I was in San Francisco this past weekend for a run and popped in over to Hermes and loaded up on some goodies before the the increase :-) thanks for the heads up!!

    1. My pleasure! I'm glad you had a chance to shop before the increase.

  2. already went up :( im so sad

  3. Did the bracelets already go up?


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