Jan 16, 2014

Fitness Fashion: How to Rock Your Gym Style

It's January. The time of year where we promise to shed our holiday weight and make dire resolutions to get in shape. In case hitting the gym sounds a bit daunting, I hope this special Mizhattan style post will get you motivated. For instance, I came across Nichole Richie's many fantastic gym outfits. If carrying designer handbags and fabulous sunglasses don't get you pumped, I don't know what will. In addition to her style inspirations, I created my own workout ensemble by using a few of my favorite fitness essentials.

Hooded sweatshirt from PLAY Comme des Garçons, jean jacket from Madewell, cashmere scarf from Isabel Marant, sunglasses from Ray-Ban, hair ties from Bop Basics, iPod nano from Apple, pocket-sized hair brush from Mason Pearson, facial towelettes from Estée Lauder, Baylee leather tote from Chloé, lip balm from Sisley Paris, sneakers from New Balance, FuelBand from Nike, cosmetic pouch from Givenchy, and knit leggings from J.Crew.

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