Jan 14, 2014

Spotted: Vintage Chanel & Fendi 2Jours at Century 21

After checking out Loehmann's going-out-of-business sale, I decided to stop by the other discount retailer, Century 21. As soon as I entered their UWS branch, I was greeted with a rather nice selection of designer handbags. Fendi's new classic, 2Jours, was on display in medium size and was priced $1,299.97. This is about 43% off retail. There were eight 2Jours totes in total and in various colors like eggplant, chocolate, blackboard (dark navy green), and clay.

Vintage Chanel handbags were also available. I spotted a large lambskin with gold hardware ($3,399.97), a tweed & patent shoulder bag with silver hardware ($2,899.97), an oversized CC logo with gold hardware ($1,699.97), and a few more. According to a very helpful and kind Century 21 employee, more shipments of vintage Chanel bags are expected to arrive in one week.

Other than Fendi 2Jours and vintage Chanels, there were other high-end designer bags worth mentioning. A Saint Laurent reversible leather shopping tote was $999.97 while the brand's medium duffle bag in what they call a "mousse" color was $1,699.97. Additionally, there was a small group of Mulberry, Jason Wu, Stella McCartney, and Roger Vivier in seasonal styles. Overall, the collection of bags at the UWS C21 location was impressive. If you have a chance, I suggest stopping by and taking a look.


  1. Ack! You are killing me. Ever since you shared that video about the Chanel bag, and I learned about the secret compartment for love letters, and the meaning behind the burgundy lining, I have been craving a classic Chanel . . .

  2. Hi do you know the name and price of the chanel bag sitting on top of the red box?

    1. Hi Lathisha,

      Sorry, I don't remember the price as it's been awhile since I published this article.

  3. Is this the century 21 in the midtown or the one in the financial district?


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