Jan 28, 2014

Winter Wardrobe

What is your favorite winter look? Chunky knits? Oversized coats? Masculine silhouettes? A touch of sporty? We're almost halfway through the blustery cold season and just in case you're looking for some style inspirations, I've assembled together my favorite Old Man Winter-proof street style looks. This year, I am particularly drawn to the idea of wearing sneakers with anything & everything. Click past the break and you'll find more chic looks for you to get inspired by.


  1. I'm pretty slender but some of the girls in these pictures look like the wind woukd fracture their tiny frames
    The girl in the grey sweater/skirt is alarmingly thin

    1. So true!! She needs the puffy wool sweater to fill up her skirt! It is also weird that she wears heave knit while the girl next to her is wearing a sleeveless dress... That said I love the outfits (I am wearing fur boots, parka, hat and gloves and I am freezing my butt off walking home from work) *wishing for slightly warmer weather in NYC*

  2. Wish I can where those outfits in winter, but I'm always in a puffy down winter coat, wearing two pairs of pants and my clunky winter boots. The only exposed skin is my eyes. Wish I lived somewhere warmer.


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