Feb 20, 2014

ALERT: Louis Vuitton Price Increase 2014

With Nicolas Ghesquière just about to debut his inaugural collection and newly appointed accessories designer Darren Spaziani soon to reveal the brand's next "it" bag, all eyes are on Louis Vuitton. The French luxury goliath has been going through major changes to spruce up the house and unfortunately this all inevitably points to higher price tags for consumers. Louis Vuitton had not one but TWO price increases last year alone. And just after a 4 month gap, they are planning another mark up for this March. Senior level SAs at LV boutiques are quickly and discreetly notifying their valued clientele about the jump in pricing. I have been told leather goods will go up an average of 7%. Also, don't be surprised if you see another price increase later this year. According to WWD, the LVMH group brought in Darren Spaziani to upscale the brand and propel it to an even higher level of exclusivity. As they say, c'est la vie.

{Image credit: Louis Vuitton}


  1. mizhattan do they already increase the price of the luggage , bags and dog colar ? thanks

    1. I'm not sure about dog collars but prices on leather bags went up since March 3rd.

  2. Dyou knw which month this year is the second increase?


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