Feb 4, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* Show Me the Marni

With NYFW kicking off this week, I'm sure many of you will be inundated with street style photos of show attendees fully displaying their stylish, eccentric, and quirky looks. And when it comes to superbly eccentric yet wearable clothes, one brand stands above the rest. Marni. The Milan-based label hosted its first-ever NYC sample sale today offering shoppers up to 80% off on street style worthy designs. Many showed up this morning despite the weather including the sartorially eclectic Lynn Yaeger. So, let's have a look!

Do you like things a bit offbeat? Then Marni is the brand you want and today's sample sale will satisfy your taste and (hopefully) budget. Designer Consuelo Castiglioni's past season collections were displayed inside Soiffer Haskin's showroom and it was a well-stocked sale. As advertised, women's merchandise dominated the space--pushing the meager selection of RTW for men (two racks) and kids (one rack) off to one corner.

Starting with women's RTW, sizes were available from 38 (US 2) to 48 (US 12). And of course, I was able to spot plenty of Marni's signature bold prints and charming textures. Among the racks of artsy designs, I found this polka-dot dress. If you like florals, there were micro rose prints and lots of graphic patterns. Prices were reasonable. Tops and skirts were under $100 while pants, tunics, jumpsuits, knit cardigans, knit tops, capes, and waistcoats were $200 and under. The only items that exceeded the $200 price mark were coats, jackets, dusters, and a few "priced as marked" merchandise. Speaking of, a very friendly sales associate informed me of the separate section of "priced as marked" inventory which was located near the entrance. Here, I found more recent collection pieces priced a lot higher than the rest of the available merchandise. For instance, a lightweight silk coat was $450 while an embellished A-line skirt was $680. As always, you can find the full price listing at the end of this article.

Moving onto shoes, boxes upon boxes of Marni footwear were on display on top of and under the tables. Sizes were available from 35 (US 5) to 41 (US 11) and prices ranged from $35 to $185. The lot was comprised of jelly sandals, espadrilles, flats, t-straps, suede pumps, Mary Janes, platforms, boots, and booties. Keep in mind, sizes 6 through 8 were running low on stock.

Next, let's talk about the accessories section which was my favorite part of the sale. Located on the far right side of the venue, shoppers were quickly grabbing up the abundant selection of sunglasses, jewelry, and small leather goods. As for prices, everything was under $100. Score! The only letdown here was the limited number of handbags--I was only able to find 1 pocket-front shoulder bag, 2 leather totes, and a few different styles of clutches.

Finally, I was delightfully surprised to find a generous amount of intimates at today's sale. There were rompers, camis, tanks, bras, and panties priced $45 to $120. Adjacent to the lingerie table, near the entrance, were funky hats, scarves, and leather belts. Everything here was priced $70 and under.

This week's Marni sample sale will run through Thursday and there will be no restocking. Overall, I was happy with the brand's first-ever sample sale and hope they return again soon.

Price list:
Women's RTW
Coats $275
Dusters $250
Dresses $195
Jackets $210
Capes $200
Tunics $185
Jumpsuits $185
Waistcoats $175
Skirts $95
Tops $95
Tank tops $95
Pants $115
T-shirts $50
Knit bodysuits $200
Knit cardigans $195
Knit tops $170
Knit tank tops $145

Women's Accessories
Hats $60
Gloves $60
Scarves $70
Socks $20
Peplum $75
Belts $55
Wallets $65
Pochettes $115
Sunglasses $80
Necklaces $70
Bracelets $65
Pendants $55
Brooches $20
Hairbands $30

Boots $185
Ankle boots $135
Wedge/Platforms $125
Moccasins $120
Assorted sandals $115
Flats $105
Espadrilles $35

Rompers $120
Boxers $90
Camisoles $75
Tanks $75
Panties $55
Bras $45
Bikinis $45

Men's Accessories
Hats $35
Gloves $50
Scarves $45
Socks $25
Ties $30
Belts $40
Wallets $30
Brooches $20


  1. Thanks Miz- I was hoping you would review this sale.

  2. You are a rock star, girl. How did you get photos? Racked NY said there were no photos allowed inside the sale. Anyway, the brand isn't really my style but I always like to read your reviews.

  3. A lot of this was stuff that did not sell on YOOX
    Those are YOOX tags on almost everything!

  4. I'd have to agree, stuff so old and as I stepped into there was a strange smell of old , I didnt' buy anything. maybe shoes were worth it but clothing were really old and not in best conditions. for me it was a great disappointment

  5. plus there were no coats whatsoever, you have to check in everything they even let me check my hat cmon are you for real,and this no picture policy it is absolutely ridiculous who do they think they are, the word is coming out anyway stop acting like you are some sort of Gods its just a clothing brand! if your sample sale is unworthy word will spread anyway.

    1. The coat check, no picture policy has nothing whatsoever to do with Marni. That's Soiffer Haskin policy and it's the same for every sale, regardless of the brand.

  6. How was the Mens RTW?

  7. Can you please inform as to whether there were a lot of mens accessories or not? Especially Ties?

    1. Around 10-15 ties. Mostly 2-3 of the same kind. As noted, less men's accessories than women's.

  8. For me the venue and who is behind the sale was more then enough to stop me from going. Can't stand the coat and bag check and the whole getting in and out of this place.
    Thanks for your review anyway, as always very informative and on point.

  9. Further reductions taken today (Feb. 5).

  10. Miz, I'm wondering if you saw any gloves there?

  11. Ooooh yay! Thanks so much!

  12. Either you don't know anything about Marni or your being payed to hype the sale. At least the people at Madison Avenue Spy know what they are talking about. Thanks for misdirecting me to 8th avenue in 6 inches of slush.

    1. Thats funny.. since all other sites and ppl agree with miz. Could it be by the time Madison got in it was already well picked over since Madison's report came out hours after both racked and Miz's reports... the early bird gets the goods...always.

      And Haskin is near 8th ave. Its clearly on all maps....

      Miz! thank you again for covering a sale for us early in the morning and not going later in the day when you wouldn't have had to stand out in the cold for us all. You rock! You don't pass the buck and I for one love you for it.

  13. the sale was horrible at my opinion but we all must be thankful for these websites who cover such sales, such as Mizhattan and the others. Then everybody has its own opinion and this is just normal, you can either share your opinion or not that is up to people to make their own and choose if it is worth for them to go or not. Many times i've been disappointed with city sample sale but most certainly i never attributed any of it to any website who's talked about them. so keep the good work up!

  14. yes i wonder how it managed to make the pictures as they were pretty strict....


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