Feb 11, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* The Tally at Tahari

Known for their clean-cut office wear, Elie Tahari popped up on this week's sale radar with an unexpected February sample sale. This time, the company has found a new venue at Chelsea Market for their bargain event and I had a chance to preview the offerings today. If you're in need of some serious work-centric wardrobe makeover, here's what I found.

When I dropped by late Tuesday afternoon, the sale organizers were still in the midst of setting up and preparing for opening day. After a brief overlook of the showroom layout, I began perusing the neatly organized racks that held Elie Tahari's prior seasons' merchandise. First thing I noticed were the sizes. Inventory was available from 0 to 14 (x-small to x-large) and there was plenty of stock ready to be sold. Since the brand is best known for its every day office staples, I started my browsing in the blazer section. Here I found five extra long racks of office-perfect jackets. Priced at $129.99 each, I spotted various styles like houndstooth, heather gray, salmon pink, velvet, and classic black.

Continuing on the work wear theme, here's what I found in the skirts and dresses section. Shoppers who drop by the 5-day long sale will be greeted with a nice assortment of knee-length pencil skirts in countless designs like lace, eyelet, peplum, and print. Dresses were also plentiful and I spotted everything from electrifying color patterns to floral prints. Skirts were priced $69 while dresses were $59~$109.

In the outerwear section, spring trenches, black puffer jackets, and tailored wools dominated the racks. Prices for all outerwear were tagged at $149.

Now, let's talk about accessories. Shoes were priced $49 for heels and $39 for flats. I saw rounded-toe nude pumps, bow leather flats, python-effect sandals, gold flat sandals, patent leather sandals, patent peep-toes, and platform booties. Meanwhile, over at the handbag section, I found a small selection of leopard print totes, woven straw/leather combo, and oversized metallic clutches. Large handbags were $129 while clutches were $99.

Finally, I was told merchandise will be replenished throughout the sale. Therefore it might not be a bad idea to stop by more than once to see if you can grab a few items from a new shipment. As always, the full price list is at the end of this article and I'll keep you updated on any price reductions.

Price list:
Knits $39
Blouses $69
Sweaters $69
Colored cropped pants $39
Pants/Skirts/Shorts $69
Leather blouses/Leather skirts $99
Knit dresses $69
Woven dresses $109
T Tahari dresses $59
Jackets $129.99
Outerwear $149
Leather jackets $399.99
Handbags $129
Clutches $99
Heels $49
Flats $39
Belts $9

Knits $19~$39
Sweaters $59
Pants $49
Woven jackets $99
Outerwear $149
Leather $299


  1. Thank god I don't have the kind of job where I need to wear these boring clothes !
    But I can see how they could work in a comservative environment.
    Thanks Miz for your review

    1. Thank you for reading! Just so you know, there were some nice evening pieces in the skirt/dress section as well. Not everything was conservative.

    2. Agreed and thank you for the pics Miz! From the pictures, I see lots of vibrant colors and patterns which certainly does not make it conservative! Can't wait to take a look!

  2. Thanks Miz - I'll stop in on my way home to take a look

    1. Good idea. It will be snowing again tomorrow so it's better to stop by today.

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. Detrimental to my wallet on many occasions but your info on the sample sales is always great!

  4. I feel like I always find something great at the Tahari sale. Definitely better items than, say, the mall shops--good leather, for example. But not so wild that I can't wear my purchases all the time. They always have great leather jackets and blouses and interesting skirts. I'm so glad the sale is not at that 5th Avenue place.

    Thank you so much for your report, Mizhattan!

    1. As always, thank you so much for reading!

    2. Were there many leather skirts or blouses, Mizhattan? I can't really tell from the photos.

    3. There were leather tops (8th photo from the top) and 1 leather jacket. All the leather RTW fit into 1 rack.

  5. Do you think they will extend the sale because of the Weather?

    1. I'm actually waiting to hear back. For now, the sale is happening until Sunday.

    2. The sale will not be extended. As originally scheduled, it will end on Sunday.

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  7. This is the same stuff they had at the sample sale in the fall

  8. Prices reduced on women's samples.
    Knits $19
    Blouses $39,
    Sweaters $39
    All bottoms $39
    Knit dresses $49
    Woven dresses $69
    T Tahari sample dresses $39
    Jackets $99
    Leather $199
    Handbags $69
    Clutches $49


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