Mar 19, 2014

Excessive Expenditures: 10 Most Outrageous Luxury Items

Even though I consider myself a sensible shopper, I enjoy rewarding myself with luxurious goodies every now and then. Sometimes you can't put a price on happiness and indulging in a little extravagance does put me in a good mood. Unfortunately, some high profile luxury houses take extravagance to the extreme with a selection of outrageous products. I came across a few items I wanted to show you as examples of how ridiculous excessive spending can be. I guarantee your jaw will drop and your eyes will roll. So here they are!

1. Diamond eye lashes from Kre-at Beauty ($1,350) 2. LV Arc en Ciel umbrella from Louis Vuitton ($805) 3. Beaded cotton ankle socks from Saint Laurent ($595) 4. Laid paper GM white from Louis Vuitton ($370) 5. Sun door handle from Lalique ($25,200) 6. Crocodile dog carrier from Ralph Lauren ($18,000) 7. Baseball glove from Herm├Ęs ($14,100) 8. Britannia ruler from Asprey ($2,150) 9. Jump rope from Chanel ($1,400) 10. Butterfly straw from Tiffany & Co. ($275)


  1. This is pathetic. Do people actually buy these items and at these prices? Money and luxuries cannot buy happiness and contentment as seen most recently with lwren scott

    1. Sadly, yes. Some people are so filthy rich, that buying any of these items is a spare change...Oh the life of a poor person, where I have to work to pay for bills. :)

  2. when i was poor, people told me money can't buy you happiness and contentment. Now i am rich, finding out money does buy lots of happiness and contentment! LOL....kidding


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