Mar 9, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* Bennett on a Budget

This morning, L.K. Bennett opened their corporate office doors to fashionistas & bargainistas for their first-ever NYC sample sale. As you may already know, amongst the legions of fans, you can include a famous British royal as an astute follower of this UK brand. The company first garnered immense popularity when the Duchess of Cambridge repeatedly wore their Sledge nude pumps to public outings. And ever since, we across the pond began our own style obsession with the label. So let's see if shoppers will have a jolly good time at their inaugural sample sale, shall we?

L.K.Bennett's intimate showroom inside the Fuller Building was bustling with weekend bargain hunters when I dropped by this afternoon. With shoes & handbags situated on the right side room and women's apparel on the left, I made my way to the footwear section first. Here, I found sizes from 35 to 42 and a wide range of shoes styles to choose from. To name a few, I spotted Adelina ankle strap sandals, Serena strappy sandals (photo above), Pacific bow slingbacks, Nina glitter peep-toes, Sabira nude pumps, Susie patent wedges, Bondi flat sandals, and Abigail strappy sandals. Prices were impressive with pumps, sandals, and peep-toes marked $95 while flats were $65. Items from their Black Ribbon collection were priced higher with pumps tagged at $120, boots at $250, and ankle boots at $160.

The handbag section was abundant but the selection wasn't as spectacular as the footwear. I spotted everything from leather totes to python clutches but you should be aware there were some damaged items mixed into the pile. Prices on handbags were also very good. Small bags were $90, large sizes were $125, and clutches were $75. There was also an accessories section where belts and wallets were $25 and scarves were priced at $35.

Near the entrance, in the left side room, was where the RTW was laid out. Sizes ranged from 2 to 14 and I found Tamara tweed jackets, Belva blazers, Accalia dresses, Livia dresses, Jodie jackets, Bassey skirts, Lichen skirts, and Liraz tops. Just like shoes and handbags, prices on RTW enticed today's group of shoppers. Coats were $160, bottoms were $90, tops were $35, blouses were $60, knits were $60, cashmeres were $90, day dresses were $90, evening dresses were $135, and jackets were $90. As with the shoes, you'll have to pay more for the Black Ribbon collection's apparel. Other than $90 knits, everything was priced between $105 and $300.

In the middle of the room, I noticed a handful of cardboard boxes which housed piles of damaged clothes. I didn't have a chance to rummage through but several willing prospectors found this to be a goldmine.

According to the sale organizers, no new additions are expected to come in but sizes on current styles will be replenished on both Monday and Tuesday. You'll also want to know there were no fitting rooms for try-ons. Therefore, dress accordingly if you want to see how something fits on you.

Price list:
Coats $160
Skirts/Pants $90
Tops $35
Shirts/Blouses $60
Knits $60
Cashmeres $90
Day dresses $90
Evening dresses $135
Jackets/Blazers $90
BR coats $250
BR jackets $185
BR skirts $105
BR blouses $135
BR trousers $175
BR knits $90
BR leathers $300

Heels $95
Flats $65
BR pumps $120
BR boots $250
BR ankle boots $160
BR dresses $185

Handbags & accesories
Clutches $75
Lg bags $125
Sm bags $90
Belts $25
Wallets $25
Scarves $35


  1. were there many small sizes? also will they restock tmrw?

    1. They will be restocking current inventory with additional sizes.

  2. If you read the article you will see your questions answered. Thanks Mizz for another detailed and informative review!

  3. Thanks for another great report! And you were "working" on Sunday too! Thanks for doing this for all your loyal readers.

    Agreed with commenter mushkie, people should at least spend time reading your hard work.

  4. I found a pair of nude Sybila at the sale! So happy! Thank you, as always, for your great report Miz!

  5. Great review as always! Thanks!!

  6. Prices were reduced today. Flats are now 2 for $100, heels are 2 for $170, ankle boots are 2 for $190, knee boots are 2 for $275, clutches are 2 for $130, large bags are 2 for $230, small bags are 2 for $160, belts are 2 for $40, wallets are 2 for $40, and scarves are 2 for $50.

  7. The sale has been extended till tomorrow (3/13).


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