Apr 17, 2014

*MIZDEAL* Saks Fifth Avenue F&F Event

Saks Fifth Avenue's Friends & Family sale event is here! Shoppers can save 25% off on apparel, shoes, accessories, and 20% off on jewelry. The promo officially kicks off next Monday, April 21st but you can shop the pre-sale right now at your local Saks. For online purchases, you'll need to use FRNFAM2 at checkout starting on April 19th. Cosmetics are excluded again this year and there is a long list of designer exclusions so make sure to consult with an SA before you make a purchase. This F&F promo ends on April 28th. Happy Shopping!

{Image credit: Saks Fifth Avenue}


  1. waste of time
    the Saks friends and family has so many designer exclusions
    its like trying to find a needle in a haystack
    i couldn't find anything worth it in F&F

    1. I know what you mean. Their list of designer exclusions are ridiculously long.


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