Apr 3, 2014

*MIZGUIDE* Spring Cleaning: The Closet

Ahh...my closet. It's my private sanctuary and a little piece of heaven. Like any girl with a shopping obsession, my closet is the only place that I can truly kick back and unwind. So it makes perfect sense that I take good care of it, no? Now that spring is finally here, I'm completely motivated to reorganize and spruce up my sartorial oasis. And with these 4 great examples (plus this) as inspiration, I'm ready to rock & roll. For those who want to join in on the fun, here are my tricks of the trade in making your closet look immaculate.

Closet Essentials: Shoe bags from Charlotte Olympia, shoe trees from Charlotte Olympia, porcelain bowls from AERIN, garment bags from IKEA, Herm├Ęs boxes, mini & regular hampers from The Laundress, bow-shaped hooks from H&M, lacquered jacket hangers from Zara Home, pink peonies and roses from Diane James, Baies scented ovals from Diptyque, wool & cashmere shampoo from The Laundress, jewelry box from AERIN, lavender pouch from The Laundress, and cashmere brush from The Laundress.

{Image credit: This is Glamorous}


  1. Are all these of your personal closet? #amazing

    1. No, they are from magazines. My closet isn't as grand.

  2. I really appreciate this blog. It will give a good suggestion to people who have many clothes.


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