Apr 14, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* How I Wonder

I wonder. Is your apartment in need of some sprucing up? If so, fun & playful lifestyle brand C. Wonder has your back and I know for sure the label will appeal to the budget decorator in you. The company is hosting a sample sale this week and I had a chance to check out their offerings late this afternoon. Will the sale offer jaw-dropping deals? What kind of quirky items will the sale feature? Oh, how I wonder...

C. Wonder's sale inventory inside 260 Sample Sale was divided into six basic groups: apparel, shoes, home decor, handbags, accessories, and jewelry. For any ladies who enjoy the classic American preppy style, you'll find the womenswear section to your liking. I spotted everything from nautical stripes to vivid prints to oxford shirts filling up the sale racks. Prices were quite affordable. The selection of outerwear (including faux fur jackets and trench coats) was priced $75 while dresses were $55. Other items such as skirts and pants were priced $40, sweaters were $45, and t-shirts were $12.

In the home decor section, I noticed there were lots of monogram products. Available from A through Z, each letter of the alphabet was represented by adorable little things like iPhone cases, napkins, coasters, and mugs. And speaking of adorable things, I have to mention the immensely cute pet bowls and leashes for only $10. Other notable items included a $50 picnic basket (8th photo below), $45 jewelry boxes (4th photo below), $10 bamboo embossed picture frames, $8 ceramic plates (7th photo below), and $5 crystal encrusted pens (5th photo below).

Shoes weren't impressing enough to catch my attention but if you're looking for everyday flats or sandals, they could be had for only $35. As for handbags, a variety of totes and clutches in an assortment of sizes and styles were $45 and $25, respectively. Last but not least, the jewelry section was situated near the checkout counter and I spotted bangles, necklaces, earrings, rings, and charms. Prices for these sparkly little things ranged from $12~$18.

After previewing the sale, I thought this week's C. Wonder sample sale was worth checking out if you're in the area as there were tons of lovely novelty items at budget-conscious prices. Also, you should keep in mind that at last year's sale, further reductions took effect towards the end of the event. I will let you know if and when it happens.

Price list:
Outerwear/Jackets/Vests $70
Dresses $55
Bottoms/Denim $40
Sweaters/Long-sleeve tops $45
Short-sleeve/Sleeveless tops $35
T-shirts/Tanks $12

Decorative objects $50
Bean bags $45
Jewelry boxes $45
Large trays/Vases $35
Bar sets/Coasters $25
Pillow covers/Throws $25
Tabletop sets/Placemats/Napkins $15
Cheeseboards/Knives/Markers $15
Wine stoppers/Salt & pepper shakers $15
Decorative boxes $15
Frames/Candles $10
Pet $10
Napkin rings/Votives $8
Decorative plates & Bowls $8
Books/Electronics $8
Pillow inserts $8
Paper napkins/Paper coasters $5
Dinnerware/Mugs $5
Misc. home/Food $5
Stationary & Writing $5
Trinkets $1

Flats/Sandals $35
Boots/Heels $65
Handbags/Totes $45
Clutches $25
Travel/Cosmetic cases $20
Small leathers & belts $20
Key chains $10
Necklaces/Bracelets $18
Rings/Earrings/Charms $12
Eyewear $15
Hats/Gloves/Scarves $15
Pajama sets $35
Misc. accessories $5


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