Jun 24, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* Down to the Bone

Today is turning out to be a whirlwind adventure for sample sale shoppers. Considering two of the season's big guns, J.Crew and Rag & Bone, have scheduled their bi-annual bargain event to kick off on the same day, there's been a flurry of activity. Those of you who are on the fence about which one to attend because you can't go to both, I hope this article and this morning's J.Crew report will help you determine where to spend your hard earned dough. So, are you ready to get down to the Bone? Alright then, let's roll.

Boyish charm and urban chic are the trademark aesthetics of Rag & Bone. A piece of R&B can really complete a casual summer look and it seems many New Yorkers agree because the company's sample sale at Chelsea Market today was jam-packed with bargain seekers. When I stepped inside the sale at 1pm, the venue was chock full of past season merchandise waiting to be grabbed up.

The layout within the showroom was almost identical to their previous sample sales with exception to women's shoes--it's now situated at the back. When I ventured to that section, Rag & Bone's trophy items--Harrow and Newbury booties--were nowhere in sight. But instead I found a few different styles of Lara sandals, Windsor flats, Newbury ballet flats, Waneka peep-toe platforms, and Cayman sandals. Prices on shoes were divided into 3 groups: flats/sneakers were $150, boots/oxfords were $195, and knee high boots were $300.

Women's RTW was organized by category and I spotted many casual basics and rebellious separates. To summarize the price list, outerwear was $250~$595, tops were $115~$300, dresses were $195~$595, pants were $125~$595, and skirts were $150~$350. As for the brand's secondary label /JEAN, knits, cotton tees, denims, and shorts were stacked on top of a giant center table for shoppers to browse through and grab. Prices were $40~$98 for tops and $75~$395 for bottoms.

Inventory on accessories were noticeably bare compared to last December's sale. In the handbags section, I spotted Pilot satchels in black and moss. Large Pilots were $300 while medium sizes were $225. In addition to bags, there were other small accessories available like $125 wallets, $125 zip pouches, $150 iPad covers, $65 sunglasses, and $65 hats.

The men's selection was comprised of blazers ($250), suits ($360), shirts ($98), sweatshirts ($125), pants ($110), shorts ($65), jeans ($98), and accessories ($25~$250).

So, this concludes today's Rag & Bone report. If you plan on checking out both J.Crew and Rag & Bone this week, I would love to know which one was the better sale for you. Feel free to share your insights and experiences in the comment sections for either article.

Price list:
Blazers and jackets $250
Blazers with leather combo $350
Leather jackets $595
Coats/Outerwear $350
Tops/Shirts $115
Leather combo tops $195
Leather tops $300
Collection T-shirt dresses $85
Collection short sleeved T-shirts $85
Collection sweaters and dresses $150
Dresses $195
Leather combo dresses $295
Leather dresses $595
Pants $125
Leather combo pants $195
Leather pants $595
Leather shorts $300
Shorts $125
Skirts $150
Leather skirts $350

Women's /JEAN
/JEAN jeans $98
/JEAN leather bottoms $395
/JEAN leather shorts/tops $225
/JEAN shorts $75
/JEAN denim shirts $98
/JEAN sweaters $85
/JEAN tees $40

Women's footwear
Flats/Sneakers $150
Boots/Luxe oxfords $195
Knee high boots $300

Women's accessories
Large Pilot bag $300
Medium Pilot bag $225
Simple tote bag $225
Accessories $65
Bracelets $40
Wallets $125
Zip pouches $125
iPad covers $150
iPhone cases $35

Blazers and jackets $250
Jean jackets $150
Suits $360
Tops/Shirts $98
Collection T-shirts (short sleeve) $40
T-shirts (long sleeved) $65
Sweatshirts (hoodie/fleece) $125
Collection sweaters $110
Pants $110
Shorts $65
Vests $125

Men's /JEANS
Jeans $98
Leather bottoms $395
Leather shorts/Tops $225
Shorts $75
Denim shirts $98
Sweaters $85
Tees $40

Men's accessories
Accessories $65
Bags $150
Weekend bags $250
Ties $35


  1. Always look forward to your reviews. Thanks Miz!

  2. where there a lot of sizes in the denim and denim shorts? i'd love a new pair fear my size (27,28) sold out quickly!

    1. There were enough sizes in the denim section yesterday. I was also told there will be restocking.

  3. SALE UPDATE: Extra 20% off on everything. New merchandise added as well. Sale ends today.


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