Jun 8, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* Mother(load) of Perlas

Say buh-bye to your worn out undergarments and hello to luxurious lingerie. Sixty year old Italian brand La Perla kicked off their annual sample sale today and I dropped by briefly this afternoon to see what was on hand. Want to know what it was like? Right this way please!

When I arrived at the sale, the venue was packed with female shoppers furiously searching through many of the company's exquisite designs. Lace thongs, silk chemises, contour bras, swimwear, and other boudoir intimates were flying everywhere. A large group of shoppers were hoarding and creating large piles on the floor with their potential purchases. Some patrons went as far as trying on unwashed intimates (lace briefs and such) out in the open. As you can tell, it was a heck of a sale.

Sizes for bras ranged from 32B to 38D while panties were supplied in x-small through large. As for prices, bras were $40 & $80, briefs were $25 & $50, thongs were $20 & $45, robes were $80 & $130, bodysuits were $45 & $90, bathing suits were $80~$150, and chemises were $70 & $110. FYI, special deals were offered on briefs, thongs, and bras. Shoppers who purchase more than two received extra discounts. You can see the full price list including this deal at the end of this article

The men's section was pretty wimpy. With only 1 small rack of t-shirts and pants, you can forget about getting anything for the man in your life. As for you ladies, this year's La Perla event will end this Thursday. Further markdowns will most probably surface later this week. As always, I will let you know as soon as I hear.

Price list:
Brief/Culotte-Black Label $50 ($85 for 2)
Brief/Culotte-Studio $25 ($42 for 2)
Thong-Black Label $45 ($78 for 2)
Thong-Studio $20 ($34 for 2)
Bra-Black Label $80 ($136 for 2)
Bra-Studio $40 ($68 for 2)
Bodysuit-Black Label $90
Bodysuit-Studio $45

Long coverup $120
Short coverup $60
Pareo/Wrap $35
Bathing suit-La Perla $150
Bathing suit-Anna Club $125
Bathing suit-Studio $80

Babydoll/Chemise-Black Label $110
babydoll/Chemise-Studio $70
Nightgown-Black Label $130
Nightgown-Studio $80
Pajama-Black Label $130
Pajama-Studio $80
Robe-Black Label $130
Robe-Studio $80
Top/Bottom/Romper-Black Label $90
Top/Bottom/Romper-Studio $40

Bustier-Black Label $180
Bustier-Studio $80
Other $150

Underwear bottoms $10
Underwear T-shirt $20
Pajamas $60
Lounge pants $30
Lounge tops $30
Robe $80
Swim shorts $40

Whip $60
Leather gloves $50
Garter belts $30
Eye mask $50
Hosiery $20
Choker $20
Other $30


  1. Thanks for your review! Will probably go towards the end of the week.

    1. Thank you for reading! I will let you know as soon as they reduce prices.

  2. Great review! Thank you for the great amount of detail. I am interested in stopping by towards the end of the sale to see if I could snag a deal as well. Thanks again Miz!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! If you stop by I hope you find something nice!!

  3. Thanks for the review, Miz. Love your blog. I've recently moved to NY permanently, and it's been a god send. I think I'll like it here hahhaa! Thanks for all you do :)

    1. Aww~ thank you Marcia. I hope I can help as much as possible.

  4. Thank you so much for the review Miz! I actually stopped by yesterday as well but didn't get anything, waiting for prices to drop as well. I think it was a little pricey for a sample sale (especially that the prices are better on online shopping sites).

    1. Thank you for reading! I will definitely keep you updated on price reductions.

  5. i got an email saying there are further reductions today. Anybody know the new price list?

  6. Additional markdowns start today (6/11).

  7. Do you think there would be additional markdowns tomorrow?

  8. Does anyone know what the additional markdown is?

    1. Briefs are $20 & $38, thongs are $18 & $34, and bras are $20 & $48.


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