Jun 16, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* Taylor Made

Youthful, light, and ultra-feminine. Three words that describe American contemporary brand Rebecca Taylor. The company is hosting its first-ever sample sale for the general public this week and I started my Monday morning at their VIP hours. As expected, the sale venue was overflowing with Taylor-made clothing and accessories. Here's a rundown from today's opening.

If you fancy super feminine styles then you might want to check out this week's Rebecca Taylor sample sale. From scalloped details to elegant laces to flattering florals, the event held plenty of dresses, gowns, separates, and jackets. The apparel section was organized by size (0~12), and there were aisles upon aisles of Taylor's lovely designs. While browsing, I spotted a ton of wardrobe-enhancing girly items such as lace sleeved peplum tops, strapless chiffon cocktail frocks, tailored floral print pants, sleeveless zebra print dresses, swiss-dot blouses, blush pink blazers, and sequined evening frocks. Prices on clothes weren't super saver material, but still, I found them reasonable. Dresses were $129, blouses were $79, sweaters were $99, skirts were $89, pants were $99, jackets were $159, leather jackets were $299, and denims were $50.

Accessories were very affordable but, mind you, the inventory wasn't really there. Shoes, in particular, were scarce on availability. I found only 6 styles comprised of sandals, booties, and kitten heels that were priced at $50 each but sizes were extremely limited. As for other accessories, handbags were $50, scarves were $30, belts were $20, and jewelry was $10~$40.

Finally, two things to keep notice of. A communal fitting room was available for shoppers in the back of the showroom with a 10 item at a time limit for try-ons. I also noticed signs stating "No Holds" on merchandise.

If you're looking for something extra pretty to wear to a fun rooftop party or summer soirée, make sure to drop by and check out the sale. When I stepped out, I found the queue to get in non-existent so that's always a plus. As for additional markdowns, I have a feeling prices will be slashed later so stay tuned for further details.

Price list:
Novelty tops $99
Blouses $79
T-shirts $59
Sweatshirts $99
Dresses $129
Embellished dresses $199
Gowns $299
Sweaters $99
Skirts $89
Shorts $79
Pants $99
Jackets $159
Leathers $299
Embellished jackets $299
Denim $75
Swim $50
Lingerie $10

Handbags $50
Wallets $50
Scarves $30
Belts $20
Necklaces $40
Bracelets $30
Charm bracelets $10
Shoes $50


  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was hoping you would post something about this sale since I was hedging on whether to go or not so I told myself I'll wait for Mizhattan to review it. Thanks again. I will definitely drop by.

    1. Thank you for waiting! Let me know if you get anything good. :)

  2. Were there any samples? Thanks!

  3. Nope, there were no samples at all.

  4. Will they be restocking or is everything out on the floor?

  5. Great photos, Miz. I've already done quite a bit of shopping recently so I think I'll wait for markdowns as I have no real need for a new dress at the moment.

  6. Any discounts yet?

    1. No discount yet. I'll keep you updated once I hear something.

  7. This is not Rebecca Taylor's first-ever sample sale. I have been to at least three RT sample sales over the years that were run by the company. Ten years ago I wore a Rebecca Taylor dress from a sample sale when I got engaged. I have a RT cardigan -- bought at a sample sale-- with the word sample written on the tag.

    1. If I remember correctly and like I wrote in this article, it's their first-ever sample sale open to the general public. In the past, it was a private affair run by the company with a lax door policy.

    2. There were two Rebecca Taylor sample sales in 2008 that were posted on public blogs (see links below)


      And there was one in 2006 or earlier based on this wwd article.

      And yes, I do have too much time on my hands since I am home sick.

    3. I guess I learned something new. Thank you for the correction. Hope you're feeling better today. :)

  8. What are the additional markdowns like?

    1. 25 percent off all clothing. The sale ends tom at 4.

  9. SALE UPDATE: Check out the updated price list with additional markdowns: HERE


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