Jun 9, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* Tory Telling

The season of beach getaways and sunny vacations is here! So, let me ask: Is your wardrobe ready? If the answer is a resounding "No", you'll be happy to know that there is a 6-day long Tory Burch sample sale happening this week. The company's bi-annual event officially kicks off tomorrow but, just like previous years, the folks at Clothingline opened their doors a day early for eager bargain hunters. And so the Tory-telling begins...

Because the past winter's Tory Burch sample sale was not so Tory-fic, my expectations were charitably said to be near bottom when I arrived at the sale. Thankfully, after perusing their offerings, I'm happy to report that this year's sale was a bit better than the one in December. For starters, prices were slightly cheaper this time around and the inventory was much improved. In the RTW area, for instance, I spotted many items from the Spring & Resort '14 lines such as this printed Fern floor-length dress, this Georgina shorts, and this Frida floral silk top discounted down to $150 and below. I also found lots of Burch's classic bohemian styles available from sizes 0 to 16. To give you an idea on prices, tees were $45, tunics were $95, cardigans were $95, sweaters were $115, all bottoms were $85, dresses were $150, and jackets were $195.

Per usual, shoes were situated all the way in the back of the venue. Within a glass display, shoppers could view the selection of goods available. Just like the clothes, prices on shoes were lower than last time. Sneakers were $75, flats & sandals were $99, espadrilles were $125, and pumps were $150. Notable items included Miller flat sandals, Kira gladiator sandals, Jackie peep-toe wedges, Chelsea ballet flats, and Dylan oxfords.

My final stop was in the handbag section. Located near the checkout counters, there were approximately 33 different styles of Tory Burch bags displayed on the wall. To mention a few, I saw the Robinson perforated double zip tote (priced $295), perforated Robinson mini dome satchel (priced $250), Sammy hobo (priced $250), Amanda easy tote (priced $250), Robinson mini shoulder bag (priced $195), and Kerrington totes (priced $150). Please be aware, while some handbags were reduced quite a bit, others were priced higher than current department store deals.

Finally, I would like to mention that there were no accessories available at today's sample sale. I am told merchandise will be replenished throughout the sale and shoppers should expect prices to be slashed even further near the end of the event.

Price list:
Tees & polos $45
Sleeveless/Short sleeve tops $85
Long sleeve blouses/Tunics $95
Cardigans $95
Sweaters $115
Bottoms $85
Dresses/Kaftans $150
Blazers/Jackets $195
Coats/Ponchos $225
Leather & suede $250

Sneakers $75
Flats/Sandals/Oxfords $99
Espadrilles $125
Wedges/Pumps $150
Booties $165


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for reading, Alexandra!

    2. It is always a pleasure reading your articles/reviews. I went today to the sample sale and it was a total madhouse. I waited 2 hours to get in and then another 40 minutes on the cash register line. The shoe, handbag and clothing sections were being depleted by the minute. It was like bees on honey!

      I do agree with you, some items were great deals while others were not so great. I did get one skirt for $85 that was originally $495 (Avril Skirt that is $250 on the Tory Burch website now). I held out for the rest of the items although there were some great pants and tops. I am waiting for the cheaper prices to hit towards the end.

    3. I sincerely appreciate your insight! Thank you!

  2. Any markdowns today?

    1. Prices on select handbags were reduced starting today (6/12).

  3. I got an email saying prices are reduced and sale is extended thru saturday

    1. any additional reductions on clothes and shoes? or just bags?

    2. Yes, prices were reduced on all merchandise.

    3. do you know by how much? dresses?

    4. Dresses are $90, tees are $30, bottoms are $50, sleeveless tops are $60, sweaters are $70, jackets are $109, coats are $150, leathers are $170, sneakers are $50, flats & sandals are $60, espadrilles are $75, and pumps are $109.


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