Jul 10, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* Comey Maybe

Maker of cheeky hipster looks, Rachel Comey is holding a sample sale in Nolita starting today. Since I've never attended the designer's bi-annual sale (and now that the sample sale season is in hibernation) I thought it would be a good idea to check out the brand's bargain offerings and get a taste of Rachel Comey's hipster vibe. Want to know what I found? Let's have a look!

Today was opening day of the 3-day long Rachel Comey sample sale and as soon as the sale sprung to life at 10am, 50+ shoppers ran inside the venue and headed straight towards the sample shoes. Everything happened in a blink of an eye and Comey fans began hoarding the designer's shoes which had but a second ago been quietly laying on the floor. Sizes were available from 5 to 11 and standard sizes (6-8.5) were disappearing fast. Sample shoes were priced $100 per pair ($250 when you buy 3) and I found numerous varieties of sandals, flats, slingbacks, loafers, Mary Janes, and booties.

Rachel Comey's more recent non-sample footwear collection was boxed up neatly and organized in the center of the gymnasium-turned-sale-venue. Prices ranged $160~$295 and was mostly comprised of the designer's popular western style booties and low-heeled boots. Mars booties, for instance, were available in suede ($200 & photo above), woven leather ($175 & 6th photo below), and taupe ($295). There were also a limited selection of Hatch knee-high boots priced $230, black Carta boots priced $250, and black suede Asset booties priced $160.

The apparel section was less than impressive. Rachel Comey's past season clothes--dresses, outerwear, skirts, pants, shorts, tops, and denims--were priced as marked and there were hardly any items under $100. Case in point, the double-breasted camel coats in the 13th photo below were $397, the gray flannel jackets in the 14th photo were $295, and zip-up shearling coats were $822. Prices on dresses were steep as well and ranged from $190 for simple slip dresses to $345 for tweed styles. In addition, tops were priced $150 & up while bottoms were $160 & up. Even a pair of summer shorts were priced over $150. Yikes!

Five racks of sample clothing were also available at this sale. However, I couldn't help but notice how overpriced samples were as well. A single item was going for $100 and any additional pieces purchased could be had for $75 each.

If you're looking for handbags, black embossed shoulder bags were available for $275, oversized totes were $250, medium sized top handles were $200~$350, and mini crossbodys were $90~$150.

Rachel Comey sample sales are pretty popular amongst the young fashion crowd but today's sale didn't quite float my boat. Sample shoes were the best deal but it was very much picked over by the time I left at 10:20am. For those thinking of attending, I suggest you skip this one. Instead, spend your shopping budget at one of the department stores where final markdowns are currently happening. Comey maybe... not.


  1. I was there and thought prices high considering Otte had black Mars boots for more than 1/2 the price here. I went looking for the poise lace top but couldn't find one....I agree that the dept store woukd be better or maybe online sites

  2. Thanks for the great review !!!


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