Sep 18, 2014

ALERT: Céline Will Discontinue Edge Bags

Oh no! It looks like Céline is planning to make a major change to their handbag line for next spring. Part of the revamping will include discontinuing their gorgeous Edge bag. What makes this even worse is that the Edge tote isn't the only style on the chopping block. Shoulder designs like All Soft and The Blade will also be no more come spring. Though the news is tragic, the brand assured me that Phoebe Philo will unveil several new handbags at her Spring '15 show during Paris Fashion Week. I'm desperately hoping they will be good enough to make up for the Edge. Stay tuned!

{Image credit: Céline}


  1. Completely sad about the Edge being discontinued. Such a beautiful bag. I'm glad I have one.

  2. I'm incredibly surprised they're discontinuing this gorgeous handbag. And I, too, am so pleased I have one I got in Paris. Ahh... just love it.


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