Oct 8, 2014

Paris Fashion Week: Top 5 Trends from Spring '15

Now that Paris Fashion Week is done, let's review some of the best trends we'll be seeing next spring. Was there any particular look that grabbed your attention? For me, I loved seeing denim being embraced by many designers. Skin-baring cut-outs, blushed ballerina pinks, and wild fringes also stood out. But the biggest trend on the Spring '15 runways were the 70s-inspired outfits. From Chanel to Louis Vuitton to Saint Laurent, almost every designer is feeling the 70s vibe.


  1. NY was all about FLORALS
    Paris a bit but not as much.
    NY was floral pants, dresses, coats etc

  2. I agree. There were florals everywhere. Which collection was your favorite?


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