Oct 6, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* Checking Out Elizabeth and James

Not everything is about upscale elegance and class. Sometimes a girl just wants to relax and have fun. That's where tapping into Elizabeth and James' casual designs and silhouettes come to play. The brand's sample sale returns for a six day session and offers up to 75% off on contemporary styles. If you're a fan of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's unique looks and hope to check out the goods this week, here's what you can expect.

Whether it's grungy plaid shirts or boyfriend-borrowed fit blazers, Elizabeth and James makes great androgynous outfits. At today's preview, I found rows and rows of merchandise from the contemporary label. Women's clothing was divided by size and was available from 0 (XS) to 12 (XL). While browsing, I found a nice variety of wardrobe enhancing items such as leopard-print mini skirts, flared polka-dot skirts, glittery silk tanks, slim-fit tailored trousers, draped jersey frocks, and a large assortment of furs. And speaking of furs, I spotted everything from fur-trimmed coats to color-blocked vests to look-at-me pink coats. If you're wondering about pricing, tops were $70, skirts were $80, sweaters were $90, dresses were $100, blazers were $100, leathers were $150~$250, and furs were $250. Items from the TEXTILE line were priced lower with prices ranging from $25 for tees to $50 for bottoms.

Sample racks were situated at the back of the space and they were definitely worth a look. Single and double height racks were filled with military jackets, camo pants, leopard-print skirts, denim jackets, casual tees, and winter cardigans. If you thought prices on stock products were a bit high (which I have to agree), these samples were wallet-friendlier. Everything on the sample racks were priced $50 and below.

Sadly, the only accessories available at today's preview were eyewear, jewelry, and a very limited selection of bags & fur scarves. There were no shoes. Price points for sunglasses were $39~$69 while optical frames were $45~$75. Jewelry was priced individually and was comprised of rings (roughly $45~$190), necklaces ($60~$200), and earrings ($40~$400).

If the past is any indication, prices are likely to drop later this week. Make sure to stay tuned as I plan to update you on further markdowns as soon as I find out. The full price list is at the end of this article so make sure to check it out before you go.

Price list:
Elizabeth and James
Tees $45
Tops $70
Pants $70
Jumpsuits & rompers $80
Skirts $80
Sweaters $90
Dresses $100
Blazers & vests $100
Suede dresses $150
Assorted jackets $150
Leather tops $150
Leather dresses, jackets, and bottoms $250
Outerwear $250
Fur $250
Novelty outerwear $300

Tees $25
Sweatshirts $40
Bottoms $50

Tote bags $2
Convertible event bags $15
Hats $45
Sunglasses $39~$69
Optical $45~$75

Tees $10
Sweaters $40
Dresses $50
Tops $30
Bottoms $30


  1. Thanks again Miz! Was the fur scarves $250 as well? Thank a lot!

    1. My pleasure! Yes, anything fur was $250.

    2. Thanks so much! You saved me a trip!

  2. Thank you for the amazing SS review! Any idea if they will have any samples furs or any multi-color fur coats? Restocking? Thx!!!!

    1. I was told there will be some restocking, but I'm not sure if furs will be replenished.

  3. Hi mizz i went last night and was not impressed. Most of the apparal looked familiar. It seems they recycled the same items from the previous sample sale altgough there were some new styles. I agree with u that the prices were a bit too high. I would recommend to wait for further discounts the eyewear and jewelry on the other hand if ur intereated in purchasing you should go now. They had nice current selection and they will not be restocking. Got 2 pairs of earrings and a gorgeous pair of sunnies (it was the only one there of that style)

    1. I agree, sunglasses were the best deal. Enjoy your new purchases!

  4. the white coat with fur collar was most definitely at last sample sale! !!!!Plus --it was still there the last day with significant discount!

  5. Skipping this sale but thank you for another great writeup!

  6. def overpriced and not worth the trip.

  7. are there any fur coats left?

  8. does anyone know if they've started markdowns yet?

  9. Yes, they have started markdowns today. Sorry but I didnt take a photo of the price list but from what i can remember blazers&vests were down to $70, assorted jackets (some with leather detail) were $140 and sweatshirts were $28.


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