Oct 13, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* Let Me See that Thong

While most people, especially tourists, go to Chelsea Market to get a unique market experience, savvy New Yorkers spent their precious lunch break today digging through and snatching up undergarments. Yes, who needs a succulent lobster roll at The Lobster Place when you can get bright & colorful Hanky Panky thongs for $11. This was the mindset of many frugal shoppers at today's sample sale. I, for one, decided to check out this annual event to see what kind of merchandise and markdowns were being offered to shoppers. So, let me see that thong!

When today's Hanky Panky sample sale opened its doors to the public, there were around 50 shoppers waiting outside. Coat check was mandatory upon entry and as soon as I stepped inside I headed right towards the thong section. Per usual, the company's most sought after thongs were displayed like Pantone color charts behind the counters. The early group of shoppers quickly formed a line to begin selecting their items. Just like last year's sale, all thongs were going for $11 but, if you plan on bulk buying, you get an extra one for free when you purchase a dozen.

Lace briefs, camis, babydoll slips, and bridal intimates were also abundant and they were organized in boxes and racks on the upper floor. G-strings, boyshorts, briefs, and garter belts were $15 while tanks & camis were $16. In addition, bras and bralettes were $25 & $17 while nightgowns and babydolls were $30.

Hanky Panky's bridal collection was also available at this sale and was situated separately in the back area. Bridal panties were priced $14, leg garters were $5, and gift boxes containing a thong and a garter were $16.

The queue outside was growing slowly but steadily by the time I left. If you're planning on dropping by, make sure to do so by Wednesday. And if I remember correctly, Hanky Panky didn't have any further reductions last year, so the chances of additional discounts is pretty slim. However, if they ever do, I will make sure to keep you informed.

Price list:
Boyshorts (all styles) $14
Bikini/V-Kini $14
Fashion panties $14
G-strings $10
Retro thongs $11
Regular thongs (Buy 12, get 1 free) $11
Garter belts $15
Leg garter $5

Camisoles (camis) $16
Tanks/Short & long sleeve tops $16
After Midnight retro bolero jackets $12

Bralettes $17
After Midnight racy open bralettes $9
Bras w/ hook & eye closure $25

Babydolls/Chemises $30
Gowns/Night shirts $30
PJ tops $15
PJ pants $15
Teddy $25

Signature lace skirts $25


  1. $11 for a Hanky Panky thong is an insane price. I would probably play a few dollars more for each just so I wouldn't feel like I was stealing.

  2. On the last day of the Hanky Panky sale, all lace tops & bralettes are $12. Also, buy 5 panties and get 1 free.


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