Oct 20, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* Sample the Club Perks

Hope your wallet is nice and primed because this week is filled with a bunch of noteworthy bargains. Yes, the fall sample sale season is finally ready to blossom and I decided to begin my much needed week-long retail therapy at Club Monaco. The contemporary brand's bi-annual bargain event kicked off this morning with a long line of shoppers searching for the label's office basics and urban styles. So grab your wallet and find out what kind of Club perks you're entitled to this week at the Club Monaco sample sale.

With a cup of hot latte in hand, I headed to Club Monaco's fall sample sale in the Fashion District this morning. There were less than 10 people shivering in the brisk autumn air when I arrived at 9:30am but, quite surprisingly, the queue stretched to nearly 180 people by the time the sale opened its doors. Thankfully, I was part of the first group to enter so, with great anticipation, I headed straight to the women's shoe section located in the front of the sale venue.

Women's footwear was comprised of a plethora of different styles. Sizes were available from 5-10.5 and I saw an appealing selection of office pumps, pointed toe booties, t-strap sandals, ankle-strap heels, patent flats, and kitten heels. After some rummaging, I was delighted to find several Loeffler Randall shoes mixed in with the Club Monaco offerings. Prices were reasonable with sandals priced $69, flats $89, pumps $109 & $129, and booties $149.

Accessory bins containing scarves, gloves, socks, belts, bags, clutches, and hats could be found in the same area as women's shoes. Prices were dirt cheap. Handbags and clutches were $20 & $30 while scarves, socks, belts, and such were $5 & $10. While digging through these bins, I spotted actual sample scarves and belts--a point I'll return to later.

The selection of women's clothing was better than last year's sale. From fabulous faux-fur coats to simple office basics and evening styles like glittery sequins, there was something for everyone. Again, many of the items had sample tags on them--an indication you were possibly holding a one-of-a-kind design that hadn't been put into production. As for prices, they started as low as $10 for basic tees. To delve into details, embellished tops were $15, blouses were $15 & $30, cashmere sweaters were $60, skirts were $30, pants were $30, dresses were $40, blazers were $99, winter coats were $149, and furs & leathers were $229. As always, the full price list is located at the end of this article.

Though today's sale inventory was mostly for women (16 circular racks and 10 double tier wall racks), there were still lots of great deals to be had in the men's section. I saw a handful of bargain-savvy male shoppers busily browsing through blazers, shirts, trousers, sweaters, polos, coats, and more. Once again, there were many pre-production samples for men as well and prices were nearly identical to the women's offerings. Tees and polos were $10 & $15, shirts were $30, cashmere sweaters were $60, chinos were $20, jeans were $30, dress trousers were $50, blazers were $129, and winter coats were $149. Men's footwear was also available with sizes ranging from 8.5 to 13. Sneakers were $50, Clark & Bass shoes were $89, loafers were $129, and boots were $149.

A very friendly staff informed me merchandise will be replenished throughout the sale. Thanks to Club Monaco and their discounts, this big week of sample sale is off to a great start (knock on wood!). But just in case you want to spend your shopping budget somewhere else, know that this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are currently 11 sample sales scheduled to run this week alone. Therefore, expect more Mizhattan reports throughout the week and decide where your money is best spent. Happy Shopping!

Price list:
Basic tees/Tanks $10
Fashion & embellished tees/Tanks/Polos $15
Sleeveless blouses $15
All other blouses $30
Cashmere sweaters $60
All other sweatshirts/Sweaters $30
Shorts $20
Skirts $30
Pants $30
Dresses $40
Blazers/Vests $99
Light outerwear $129
Heavy outerwear $149
All fur/Leather/Suede jackets $229

Basic tees/Tanks $10
Fashion tees/Tanks/Polos $15
Shirts $30
Cashmere sweaters $60
All other sweatshirts/Sweaters $30
Shorts $20
Colored chinos (Kennedy, Connor, Davis) $20
Casual pants/Denim/Sweatpants $30
Dress pants $50
Blazers/Vests/Light outerwear $129
Heavy outerwear & wool blazers $149
All leather & suede jackets $229

Tights/Socks $3
Belts $10
Ties $5
Small accessories $10
Clutches $20
All other bags $30

Women's footwear
Sandals/Espadrilles $69
Other flats/Loafers/Slippers $89
Club Monaco pumps/Heels $109
All other pumps/Heels $129
Booties/Boots $149

Men's footwear
Sneakers $50
Clark & Bass shoes $89
Loafers/Slippers $129
Boots $149


  1. Thank you! I knew you would post a review of this sale. For some reason, your reviews are always better than other blogs.

    1. Aww... Thank you so much for your kind words. It really means a lot.

  2. I want to thank you for your report too! And your tweets! I wish I read them earlier then I would have gone out for lunch faster and not wait for 40ish minutes to get in because they were only letting in 5 at a time. I think I spent longer waiting in line than shopping.

    1. Sorry you had to wait long. Hope you got something nice though. :)

  3. how's the line today?

    1. As of 12:30, there was a short line due to people shopping during their lunch break but it's not as bad as yesterday. Very manageable.

    2. thank you for your quick response.

  4. Any markdown infos for tomorrow? thanks,

    1. they just sent out email saying that everything is reduced for last two days!

    2. Thank you very much!

  5. Thank you very much!

  6. Is it still worth to travel from NJ?

  7. Does anyone know what the markdown is?

  8. I believe it's the following if my memory serves correctly:

    Basic tees/Tanks $8

    Fashion & embellished tees/Tanks/Polos $10

    Sleeveless blouses $10

    All other blouses $?

    Cashmere sweaters $?

    All other sweatshirts/Sweaters $20

    Shorts $?

    Skirts $20

    Pants $20

    Dresses $20

    Blazers/Vests $55

    Light outerwear $?

    Heavy outerwear $89

    All fur/Leather/Suede jackets $129

    1. Excellent memory! Thank you so much for the update!

  9. I filled the the gaps for the previous post...SkV

    All other blouses $20

    Cashmere sweaters $?

    Shorts $15

    Pants $20

    Light outerwear $79

    Lot of samples so inspect you items closely...a moderate size selection. I found there were overwhelmingly quite a few 10 and 12 .
    I was pleased with my purchases. I gravitated to anything with genuine leather details on skirts, dresses and jackets.

  10. Any small basic tees left?


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