Nov 20, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* Shoe Haven

Stylist-turned-editor-turned-cobbler Tabitha Simmons hosted her annual sample sale in the far westside of Manhattan today. Known for playful silhouettes and decadent embellishments, the shoe maven created a shoe haven for her fans and devotees with past season collections discounted up to 85% off. As many of my fellow Mizhattanites know, I never miss a good sale (especially when it's a designer shoe bargain) and this year's Tabitha Simmons event definitely piqued my interest. So I headed to the brand's sale space this morning to give myself a little Tabitha treat.

Obsession knows no bounds particularly when it comes to women and their shoes. Am I right, ladies? At today's Tabitha Simmons' winter sample sale, ladies who appreciate the designer's classy details were busy perusing boxes upon boxes of drool-worthy stilettos and exquisite styles. Just like their last sale in 2013, prices were divided into nine brackets--from $50 to $345--with colored stickers used to differentiate each price category.

Now, let's talk about what I found. Alexa flats (6th photo below) were available in red velvet, black velvet, silver, bronze, denim, and ice blue metallic--they were priced $225 per pair. Sofia pumps were also $225 and were available in red suede and black suede (12th photo below). Starr sandals were $195, Strippy sandals were $245, and Poppy sandals were $145 (2nd photo below). I also spotted Jeanie pumps in several varieties like champagne satin, black suede, and dark navy suede--they were priced $245. In addition, Hayden pumps were available in black and navy for $195 while Heart flats in lizard, crystal, black suede, and zebra print were $195 & $275. Lastly, Bailey sandals in crystal & satin, snakeskin, and floral prints were $225 & $325 (1st photo below).

As you can see, prices at today's Tabitha Simmons sample sale mostly ranged between the $145 and $225 mark. Since the company isn't a big name mainstream brand just yet, these prices might come off a bit strong for some shoppers but considering how upscale and high quality Tabitha shoes are, these prices are actually quite reasonable in my opinion. Still, if you're a determined bargain hunter, you'll be happy to know there were two double-sided racks of samples present at the sale. Though sizes were extremely limited, these sample shoes were only priced at $95. How's that for a bargain?

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