Nov 11, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* Tibi Guide

If the styles of trendsetters like Olivia Palermo, Jessica Alba, or Blair Eadie instantly grab your attention, then you might be interested in this week's Tibi sample sale. The cosmopolitan cool-girl brand puts a feminine update on any outdated outfit and their bi-annual bargain affair is quite popular amongst fashion-conscious twenty-something New York gals. Today, I headed down to Soho to join these young fashionistas and check out Tibi's fall sample sale. Want to know what was inside? Read this Tibi guide.

The doors to the Tibi sample sale opened early to their friends and family. With a large assortment of the brand's past collections, shoppers went in primed and ready to pick through the goods. After a mandatory coat check, I made a beeline to the sample section where shoppers were digging (rather aggressively) through 12 cardboard boxes of $25 samples and damaged goods. Amongst the crowd, I found people hoarding to the extreme with lots of pushing and shoving going on. As the saying goes: No pain, No gain.

The overstock apparel section was much calmer than the sample section. Notable items included Panda moto-jackets, Bosworth boyfriend blazers, Tropical wool jumpsuits, Katia faille sleeveless dresses, Simona jacquard full skirts, Simona peplum tops, Katia faille pleated skirts, Boutis embroidered tops, paneled bouclé coats, green plaid culottes, and Tibi's signature silk camis in various prints & colors. As for prices, tops were $65, shorts/skirts were $75, pants were $75, day dresses are $75, knits/sweaters were $80, cocktail dresses were $125, leathers were $150, jackets were $150, and coats were $195. There was also specially priced items from their Fall '14 collection with $250 price tags.

The shoe section was comprised of strappy sandals, peep toe mules, buckled booties, gladiator sandals, and pointy toe oxfords. Flats & sandals were $75, heels were $125, and boots were $150. In addition to the footwear placed on tables, there were 6 cardboard boxes of $25 sample/damaged shoes.

This week's Tibi sample sale ends Thursday. If you plan on stopping by, make sure to check out the full price list at the end of this article before you head out.

Price list:
Tops $65
Shorts/Skirts $75
Pants $75
Day dresses $75
Knits/Sweaters $80
Cocktail dresses/Long dresses $125
Full knee skirts $125
Leathers $150
Jackets $150
Full long skirts $150
Coats $195
Specialty $250

Flats/Sandals $75
Heels $125
Boots $150


  1. Hi Miz,

    Thanks always for your work! Do you happen to remember what the sizes were like for clothing (esp. dresses?)

    Thanks so much!!

    1. It depended on the item but I found sizes from 0-12. Mostly in the smaller to medium sizes.

  2. were there any boxes of $25 shoes for 35-35.5?

  3. any additional discounts today?

  4. Markdowns are in effect. I came after 6 and everything is discounted. This is my first time attending tibi and i am so impressed gorgeous pieces!


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