Dec 22, 2014

Mizhattan's Year in Review: Sample Sales of 2014

Alas, another year of sample sale shopping is in the books. I want to give a big thanks to all my fellow Mizhattanites who kindly shared sale scoops this year (a super special shoutout to A, C, L, R, S, and W!). And to give this amazing year a proper farewell, I've put together a list of the most memorable sample sales of 2014. This year, perennial mainstays like Hermès, Jimmy Choo, and Alexander Wang came back swinging. There were also some newcomers to the scene as well. Fashion brands like Tamara Mellon, Sandro, and Marni debuted their inaugural NYC sample sales making the year extra sweet. In addition, labels like Alexander McQueen made their triumphant return after a long hiatus. See who else made the Mizhattan list after the break.

1. Hermès in October
The absence of the traditional Hermès September sample sale made many die-hard fans and longtime sample sale goers fearful the luxury brand will forgo their annual bargain event this year. Thankfully, the French fashion house made a surprising and very satisfying comeback in October. This go around, shoppers were able to score on enamel bangles, scarves, silk ties, watches, and more.

2. Lanvin in October
This year's Lanvin sample sale caused quite a stir. Although the event was intended to be private, many fellow Mizhattanites were able to shop the discounted Lanvin goodies by dropping a name at the door on opening day. However, shoppers late to the game were turned away by the sale organizers who were overwhelmed by the large turnout.

3. Bottega Veneta in July
When the Bottega Veneta sample sale was announced, many readers wondered whether the sale would open to the public like in 2013. As it happily turned out, the sale did open to the public with deep discounts on handbags, shoes, clothes, and accessories.

4. Jimmy Choo in November
After skipping their usual spring sample sale, Jimmy Choo made an unexpected return just last month. Though the sale initially started as invite-only, it eventually opened to the public and prices started as low as $75.

5. Roger Vivier in March
Just like their sale in 2013, Roger Vivier drew huge crowds on opening day. 400+ shoppers shivered in the cold just to get their hands on Vivier's classic buckle shoes.

6. Alexander Wang in December
For Wang fans, December's AW event was the perfect way to end the year. The selection of handbags was better than ever with Roccos and Rockies in multiple colors priced $350 and under.

7. Tamara Mellon in September
Jimmy Choo's former Chief Creative Officer, Tamara Mellon, held her first-ever sample sale for her eponymous label. The sale made the list because of the insanely low prices. How low? Heels and pumps were $50, booties were $55, boots were $75.

8. Marni in February
This year, Marni fans were able to shop the Milan-based brand's inaugural stateside sample sale. At their bargain event in February, prices ranged $50~$275 for RTW, $30~$115 for accessories, and $35~$185 for shoes.

9. Alexander McQueen in September
Alexander McQueen's 4-day long session in September was the company's first public sample sale in over 5 years. It was the perfect opportunity to grab the British brand's hauntingly elegant designs. The brand's iconics like skull scarves, Knuckle clutches, and goth romance styles were heavily marked down.

10. Sandro in October
French contemporary brand Sandro debuted its NYC sample sale in October. Does this mean there's hope for a Maje sample sale next year? Fingers crossed!

What sale was the most memorable to you? I would love to know! Feel free to share your sample sale experiences of 2014 with your fellow Mizhattanites in the comment section below.


  1. Hermès in October was the most fun time, I woke up very early and got there like 6am.

  2. Loved the Manolo Sale!!! I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned above. There was no line this year and the selection was great!

  3. My favorite was Choo and Vivier. I know I know I have a shoe problem.


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