Dec 10, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* Stella McCartney

Sale alert! Sale alert! I've just received word that Stella McCartney is having a surreptitious sample sale in Manhattan today. The sale is supposed to be a private F&F event, but many non-invitees were able to get in without any problems. It started only a few hours ago and will only be open till 7:30pm today. If you make it inside, please let fellow Mizhattanites know what you find in the comment section below. Also, while you're in the building, take some time to stop by the OXO and B.Base sample sales as well.

Where: 601 W. 26th St. (bet. 11th & 12th Ave.), Suite 1285

When: Wednesday, December 10th. 12pm~7:30pm

{Image credit: Neiman Marcus}


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    1. As of 3:50pm, handbags and accessories are depleted but there are RTW, shoes (37~39), and many Stella McCartney Kids items.

  2. Has everyone been able to get in without an invite? Also, does anyone know what the discount is on RTW?

  3. Everything was a sample, so it's hard to tell what the discount is. They are really lax about pricing; I looked unhappy about a $100 dress so they discounted it to $75.

    Miz, thank you SO much. I made out like a freaking bandit--2 pairs of flats for $30, a dress, a skirt, and some gorgeous underwear. Super bummed the bags were all gone by the time I got there (only 2 heavily damaged samples left) but obviously that is not your fault. It looks like they were basically giving away the bags; according to the price list it was all under $150.

    At this point, there's mostly pants left, in case people are wondering.

    1. Thanks! Anything from recent collections? Is it still worth going?

    2. For shoes, possibly. But by the time I left (4pm), there were like 2 dresses, a few blazers, and like a sweater left, there were like 4 racks of pants. So if you're looking for pants, go for it (but no dressing room). Shoes and children's stuff, go. Otherwise, no.

    3. Thank you for your insight! Enjoy your new merch!

    4. Thanks again! There wasn't a ton of stock but the prices were amazing. I went toward the very end of the day and purchased a summer dress, a pair of cashmere pants, 3 bras, a top... all for under $100! Shoes were $20 but not really styles I was looking for.

  4. What style were the bags?

    I would have liked a dressing room too but still found a nice bra that fit great when I got home..another one I bought was way too small, but still, the price was right so I don't mind.

    The few shoes left were in big sizes when I was there..5:30..thanks, Miz!!

    Didn't look at kids but there were a ton.

  5. I'm so mad I missed this. Thanks for the heads up Miz! I need to lurk on your website a little bit more often. :(

  6. miz,

    any insight is there is a sale today for Stella?


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