Dec 5, 2014

*SAMPLE SALE* Upcoming December Sales

There are only two more weeks until this sample sale season tapers off. I hope all my fellow Mizhattanites have had an enjoyable and bargain-tastic season so far. As you may know from my past announcements, Alexander Wang, Sophia Webster, Tory Burch, Johanna Johnson, Nicholas K, and YARNZ are all hosting December sample sales. To add to this list, here are nine fourteen more you should keep in mind. P.S. In case any additional sales come my way, I will make sure to update this article throughout this month, so keep checking back!

Alice + Olivia
Save up to 70% off on the label's party-ready staples.
Where: 260 Fifth Ave. (bet. 28th & 29th St.)
When: Tuesday, December 9th, 9am~8pm
Wednesday, December 10th, 9am~7pm
Thursday, December 11th, 10am~8pm
Friday, December 12th, 9am~7pm
Saturday, December 13th, 10am~7pm
Sunday, December 14th, 10am~4pm

Save up to 70% off on womenswear & menswear. New items added daily.
Where: 92 Perry St. (bet. Hudson & Bleecker St.)
When: Thursday, December 18th through Wednesday, December 31st.
Monday~Saturday: 11am~7pm
Sunday: 12pm~6pm
December 24th: 11am~5pm  

Prices on fashion eyewear start at $5. In addition, sunglasses and optical frames from Elizabeth & James will be $35 and up. Cash only.
Where: 601 W. 26th St. (bet. 11th & 12th Ave.), Suite 1445A
When: Tuesday, December 9th through Thursday, December 11th. 12pm~3pm 

Brunello Cucinelli
Expect deeply discounted prices on the label's exquisite cashmeres and more.
Where: 150 E. 58th St. (bet. Lexington & 3rd Ave.), 11th Floor
When: Monday, December 8th through Friday, December 12th. 9am~5pm

Equipment, Joie & Current/Elliott
Save 50~75% off on casual separates.
Where: 260 Fifth Ave. (bet. 28th & 29th St.)
When: Tuesday, December 16th, 9am~7pm
Wednesday, December 17th, 10am~8pm
Thursday, December 18th, 10am~8pm
Friday, December 19th, 10am~7pm
Saturday, December 20th, 10am~7pm

Kiki de Montparnasse
Save up to 75% off on lingerie.
Where: 225 Fifth Ave. (bet. 26th & 27th St.)
When: Tuesday, December 16th, 10am~7pm
Wednesday, December 17th, 10am~7pm
Thursday, December 18th, 10am~7pm
Friday, December 19th, 10am~7pm
Saturday, December 20th, 10am~7pm
Sunday, December 21st, 10am~4pm

Kleinfeld Bridal
Save up to 85% off on designer gowns. Numbers will be given out starting at 10am.
Where: 110 W. 20th St. (bet. 6th & 7th Ave.)
When: Tuesday, December 9th, 4pm~7pm

Expect deeply discounted prices on evening dresses and accessories.
Where: 601 W. 26th St. (bet. 11th & 12th Ave.), Suite 1425
When: Wednesday, December 17th through Thursday, December 18th. 10am~5pm

A not-to-be-missed sale for kitchen aficionados. Prices start at only $2!! Bring your own bag. Photos from their last sale in March: here, here & here.
Where: 601 W. 26th St. (bet. 11th & 12th Ave.), 10th Floor
When: Wednesday, December 10th through Thursday, December 11th. 10am~5pm

Proenza Schouler
Save up to 80% off on RTW, shoes, handbags, and accessories.
Where: 495 Broadway (bet. Spring & Broome St.), 6th Floor
When: Wednesday, December 17th. 9am~4pm
UPDATE: Photos & info from this sale

Ralph Lauren
Expect deeply discounted prices on apparel and accessories for women & men.
Where: 317 W. 33rd St. (near 8th Ave.)
When: Friday, December 12th, 9am~6:30pm
Saturday, December 13th, 9am~6:30pm
Sunday, December 14th, 9am~6:30pm
Monday, December 15th, 9am~5pm

Thom Browne
Expect deeply discounted prices on men's and women's collections.
Where: 210 Eleventh Ave. (bet. 24th & 25th St.), Suite #500
When: Friday, December 12th, 11am~7pm
Saturday, December 13th, 11am~5pm
UPDATE: Photos from inside: here

Expect deeply discounted prices on Italian made luxury handbags.
Where: 317 W. 33rd St. (near 8th Ave.)
When: Saturday, December 6th, 9am~6:30pm
Sunday, December 7th, 9am~6:30pm
Monday, December 8th, 9am~6:30pm
Tuesday, December 9th, 9am~6:30pm
Wednesday, December 10th, 9am~5pm

Walter Steiger
Expect deeply discounted prices on women's footwear.
Where: 325 Fifth Ave. (bet. 32nd & 33rd St.), Suite 38A
When: Monday, December 15th through Wednesday, December 17th. 10am~6pm

{Image credit: Brunello Cucinelli}


  1. Hello I have an Alice and Olivia ticket for todays advance shopping. I cant attend so if you want it please let me know. I purchased it from guilt city!

  2. Went to Cucinelli sale today, only 60% off. Some of the sample sales should be advertised as regular sales. 60% is regular getting rid of current collection sale, 75% off is a very good sale. 75% and up discount that is a sample sale.

  3. how is alice and olivia sample sale?

  4. The prices are anywhere between 35-45% off, I didn't buy anything as you can find better deals online at saks off 5th. I saw the same dress being sold at the sample sale at $269 and online it was around $180.

    1. This is in regards to the Alice and Olivia question above. There are also no shoes, some handbags and as of yesterday no scarves/hats.

  5. I went to the OXO sale for the first time today. Good prices. Came out with a lot of goodies. Thank you for letting us know about it.

  6. Thom Browne sample sales again? They had it recently.

    1. Yup, they're having another one.

    2. Thanks Miz, it is also confirmed on their twitter! yay another one!

  7. Any info on Thom Browne sample sale?

    1. It starts on Friday. Full details are in the article above.

  8. Any idea on when the next J. Mendel sample sale is?

  9. Mark downs are at Alice & Olivia sample sale most of the merchandise has been picked through. The employees shopped earlier this morning.

  10. Stopped by today. Prices were reduced starting at $24.95 (for pieces within the the $0 - $99 retail price range) and tops out at $224.95. Samples are still priced as marked.

  11. Any DVF sample sale for December?

  12. Any info on Thom Browne sample sale?

    1. This was the most amazing Thom sale in years. Blow out prices. Small lines. Fully stocked. Tons of runway. I'm still flying high from this sale.

      If you want to score women's I would run there now. Dresses, Blazers, Sweaters, Pants still racks stocked full.

      If you want to score men's, I would stay home. unless your a size 12 in shoes or 4/5 in shirts Or looking for white pants. Or some plain ties, I wouldn't bother. Its mostly sold out. Prices were that good.

      I doubt there will be another one like this one for a long while. Last time I saw prices at a Thom sale this good was in pre 2011.

  13. Went to the Ralph Lauren sample sale. Not a good selection of clothes, shoes or accessories. Everything was 70% the original price

  14. I stopped by the Walter Steiger sale this morning. Prices started at $75 for green dot (or 2 for $125), blue dot was $125, yellow dot $200, red dot $275. There was a decent variety of heels and wedges. I was hoping to buy boots but the few styles they had didn't really appeal to me. There were green leather and black suede wedge boots for $125 and fur trimmed suede booties in blue and pink for $275. Sizes ranged from 35-40 depending on style. There were a lot of repeats from previous sales that were more expensive this time and sadly no samples rack.
    I would hold off going until Wednesday when there will likely be price reductions.

    1. Hi Nara,

      Thank you very much for such an in-depth report!

  15. Will there be a Rag&Bone sample sale?

  16. Hi Miz,

    Will we be having YSL sample sale this winters?

  17. I went to Marchesa and found a beautiful notte by marchesa gown. That being said, I've been going to sample sales since 2004 and experienced some of the worst sample sale behavior I have ever seen. The infamous Long Island crowd was there in full swing and acting more uncivilized than ever (although from reading other blogs it seems this wasn't a one-off). Hoarding, grabbing, cutting in line (i don't mean 1 or 2, i mean like 30), acting catty towards outsiders, etc. So be prepared if you go. After I PAID for my dress, I was tucking my credit card in my wallet and the cashier girl turned around to grab a shopping bag and literally 2 seconds later the dress was gone. Someone snatched it while we looked away for those 2 seconds. Thankfully we found it in the culprit's hands across the room. That being said, if you don't mind putting up with that behavior (times 50), the sale could be worth it. I heard they may put out more stock (overheard the sale organizer).
    Notte by marchesa dresses were mainly $125 for short, $195 for long, although there were some others with random pricing (I even saw a cocktail dress for $35... even at that price though, no one wanted it). The Marchesa couture dresses and gowns ranged in price from $400-1000+. I think I even saw one for $2k. Gorgeous. Not all are in mint condition though, so check them over for broken zippers and tears/snags. Not sure what will be left for tomorrow unless they restock, but I would say sizes 8+ may have better luck.

    1. Thank you for your comment and insight into the Marchesa sale. Sorry you had to deal with such misbehaving shoppers but I sincerely appreciate you letting us know that the sale is worth the time.

  18. They restocked at Marchesa last night, apparently. My friend was in line this morning. No updates on what is inside, but just a heads up to go soon -- the same long island crowd was there this morning and apparently more were on the way. So if you want a dress, go soon!


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