Jan 6, 2015

ALERT: Hermès Price Increase 2015

Uh-oh. As each new year begins, it has unfortunately become the norm for luxury brands to implement a price hike. And the first to up the dollar sign in 2015 is Hermès. Multiple sources inside the brand have informed me that starting mid-to-late January, the company's leather goods, scarves, and jewelry will see an increase of 5~10% in the States (boutiques in Europe have already raised prices). I am told handbags and SLGs will be the first category affected by the increase with coveted names like Bolide, Lindy, Toolbox, Berline, Birkin, and Kelly included in the markup. Scarves, on the other hand, will get new, more expensive price tags in February. Just to remind you, the French house's last price hike occurred only a year ago.

{Image credit: Harper's Bazaar}

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  1. Would have been great if my wages increased by the same percentage every year too. Wow.


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