Jan 20, 2015

Designer Handbag Deals at T.J.Maxx

Anyone in search of a designer handbag deal should give T.J.Maxx a quick browse. The discount retail bigbox is currently carrying big names in their handbag department and I found the selection quite impressive. CĂ©line's Cabas Phantom in black is going for $1,999.99 while the Edge shoulder bag in green/black is $1,799.99. If you're a fan of Saint Laurent, the brand's Sac de Jour is available in black for $2,499.99. There are also the Valentino rockstud totes in nude brown and black that are priced $2,899.99 each. In addition, I also spotted Stella McCartney's messenger for $1,099.99, and Alexander McQueen's Heroine satchel for $1,999.99.

{Image credit: T.J.Maxx}


  1. I just purchased the Celine Cabas Phantom from Bergdorf's yesterday, it was $1650. Same size, same leather.

  2. It wasn't on sale. That's why I couldn't understand why tj maxx was marking up the cost of the bag.

  3. https://www.celine.com/en/collections/spring/bags/medium-cabas-phantom-belt-smooth-calfskin/174143XNA.07OC

  4. Tj isn't marking up anything. The leather is different so the original price is higher.


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