Feb 18, 2015

A Burst of Sunshine

Yellow really isn't my color but these six looks from J.Crew's Fall '15 collection are putting up a compelling counterargument and having me reconsider my predilections. I especially love the first 3 outfits that are coordinated with yellow and blush pink. Don't they just brighten up your mood like a burst of sunshine?! Swoon!

{Image credit: Style.com}


  1. I was JUST looking at these pics yesterday. Loving the first 3 outfits too. Especially the skirt and the flared pants.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Yes, the belted skirt and flared pants are gorgeous. I'm definitely bookmarking them for next fall.

  2. I don't even like J.Crew, but this collection is so good. The first look is everything. I will be buying few items next season.


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