Feb 25, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* How About Them Mellons?

Let's cut to the chase. By any standard, last year's inaugural Tamara Mellon sample sale was a HUGE success. Shoppers lucky enough to attend the event last September were given a rare opportunity to save big bucks on the designer's over-the-top glam designs. Today, the Tamara Mellon sample sale returned for round two with a F&F opening taking place earlier tonight. But is the sequel as good as the original? Here's my report.

The answer is a resounding no. Simply put: prices are up and inventory is down. Right off the bat, I noticed there was significantly less merchandise across the board when compared to the prior sale. The lofty stacks of rouge Tamara Mellon shoe boxes which lined the venue's walls and resembled a grand cityscape are no longer. If I had to approximate, I figure there was a little over half the shoe inventory this time around. In addition, with only ten or so racks of clothing, I was quite sadden to find the RTW section looking scarce. Nonetheless, the sale was bustling with shoppers eagerly perusing the goods.

To mention a few price points in the Ready-to-Wear section, coats were $100 while jackets, sweaters, blouses, and dresses were $50. Furthermore, bottoms (skirts, shorts, and pants) were $30 and tanks were $15. As for samples, there were three racks of dresses, shorts, and pants situated in the back near the communal fitting room. Everything there was $10.

The shoe section was disappointing as prices have doubled this year (and in some cases more than double). Pumps and high heel sandals are now $100. Booties and boots are now $150. The only items that are priced under $100 are flats and flat sandals which were marked at $75. One might argue that these prices are still heavily discounted from original retail but, considering how mind-blowingly cheap last year's sale was, I can't help but feel crestfallen. As far as styles are concerned, there were pointy pumps in various colors and prints, studded suede booties, metallic boots, open toe booties, flower-embellished flat sandals, multi-strap sandals, and leopard print boots.

Prices on handbags also went up considerably. You might remember at last year's sale, all bags were priced $100 and under. This time around, clutches are $125, totes & shoulder bags are $200, and the Speed Date bag is $400.

After checking out the offerings, would I recommend the sale to my fellow Mizhattanites? Well, that depends. If you're looking to find the exact same discounts as last year, you'll be sorely disappointed and should stay far far away. But if you're either: A) An avid fan of Ms. Mellon's glamorous designs. B) Are the type of person who prefers to shop in person rather than online (the brand has no NYC boutique as of yet). C) Understands that, though it isn't like last year, these sample sale prices are still well below retail. Then you should stop by the sale when it opens at 10am tomorrow. And, don't forget to let me know in the comment section below how you make out.

Price list:
Furs $100
Coats/Capes/Leathers $100
Jackets $50
Cashmere $125
Sweaters (non-cashmere) $50
Tops/Blouses $50
Dresses/Jumpsuits $50
Rompers $40
Pants/Skirts/Shorts $30
Tank tops $15
Bras/Bikini tops/Bottoms $15
Hats $50

Legging boots/Thigh-high $150
Boots $150
Booties/Sandal booties $150
Pumps/High heel sandals $100
Flats/Flat sandals $75

Speed Date doctor bags $400
Totes/Shoulder bags $200
Clutches/Small cross-body bags $125


  1. Thanks so much for your report, Miz! You saved me a trip! Really, I was going to wake up early, stand in the cold and wait for the 10am open. I was hoping to score some more of those $50 pumps like last time. I mean, $100 for nicely made leather pumps still isn't outrageous by any means. But I just cannot stomach these jacked up prices! I just can't...especially knowing they were half the price just a few months ago. Oh well...until the next sample sale. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Yes, the prices aren't bad when you consider the original retail but you know... Thank you for reading!

  2. Fine with me. That's money saved for the Vivier sale that should (hopefully) happen in April.

  3. were there any fur jackets or vests?

    1. By the time I left the preview yesterday, I didn't see any on the racks.

  4. Hi, It's Sheesh....when is the Vivier sale? Can't wait!

    1. Well...when is it? Do you know...is there going to be another?

    2. There is no word as of now regarding a Vivier sample sale. Once I hear something, I'll write an article letting everyone know.

  5. Not worth your time or money. Bad shoes and clothes selection, few bags, really nothing special or I have to have. One of the Girls told me they MIGHT get new things, mostly shoes and maybe some clothes. Compare to the sale last year, this one is like a bad joke.


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