Feb 23, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* A Princely Sum for Monaco

A company known for creating understated and comfortable modern clothing, Club Monaco, makes their return to the sample sale circuit this week with their bi-annual event. Since the brand's bargain affair offers adequate discounts on womenswear, menswear, and accessories, even with this morning's bone chilling temps, the sale gathered 30 or so early comers who huddled inside the lobby of the sale venue.

First and foremost, there were lots of office basics and casual separates to browse through but don't expect discounts to be as good as their last sale in October because prices are up. Way up. To delve into details, basic tees & tanks are now $39 (they were $10 in October), sweaters are $69 (they were $30 in October), cashmere sweaters are $99 (they were $60 in October), shorts are $49 (they were $20 in October), skirts are $69 (they were $30 in October), pants are $79 (they were $30 in October), dresses are $99 (they were $40 in October), and coats were $159 (they were $149 in October). So as you can see, prices for the most part are more than double in the women's apparel section this year which is a huge disappointment.

Moving onto women's accessories, they were once again situated near the entrance of the venue and were comprised of shoes, scarves, belts, and bags. Shoes were available from 35-40.5 and I spotted Erika bow flats, Harlow embellished pumps, Jamie silver pumps, and Erika quilted flats. Prices on women's footwear ranged from $129 for sandals to $159 for flats and $129 for pumps (not sure why flats are $30 higher than pumps). In addition to Club Monaco shoes, a small selection of Loeffler Randalls were mixed in just like last year. I saw Tali laser-cut pumps and black Rashida booties which were marked down to $159 and $199.

Located adjacent to the shoes were the label's handbags. Mayle handbags were $175 while other styles (crossbodys, fold-over clutches and such) were $59. There were also several plastic bins filled with scarves, belts, gloves, and hats that could be found near the shoes and bags. Scarves were $29, gloves & hats were $29, and belts were $14.

The inventory on menswear was well stocked and, at a quick glance, the quality of the merchandise seemed better than what was available for women (there were quite a few damaged items in the womenswear). For men, tees were $29, shirts were $59 & $149, sweaters were $59, cashmeres were $139 & $259, chinos were $24, jeans were $59, and blazers were $199.

Men's accessories were noticeably less than the women's with a limited selection of shoes (sneakers, boots, and dress shoes), bags, scarves, and belts up for grabs. Gloves were $29, ties were $20, bags were $59, belts were $14, and shoes were $39~$199.

Please note, there was no fitting room available for shoppers at the Club Monaco sample sale. The event is scheduled to run through Sunday and shoppers should expect further markdowns to kick in near the end. As always, the complete price list is at the end of this article.

Price list:
Basic tees/Tanks/Polos $39
Blouses/Shirts $59
Sweaters $69
Cashmere sweaters $99
Shorts $49
Skirts $69
Denims $79
Pants $79
Dresses/Jumpsuits $99
Vests $79
Blazers/Jackets $99
Coats $159
All leather $199

T-shirts/Tanks/Polos $29
Shirts $59
3rd Party/Non CM brand shirts $149
Sweaters $59
Cashmere sweaters $139
Cashmere one piece $259
Shorts/Swim $29
Chinos $24
Denim $59
All other pants $79
Vests $79
Blazers/Jackets $199
Made in USA/3rd party blazers $289
Coats $249
Made in USA/3rd party coats $349

Belts $14
Scarves $29
Gloves/Hats $29
Ties $20
Mayle bags $179
All other bags $59

Women's footwear
Sandals $129
Flats $159
Pumps $129
3rd Party/Non CM brand shoes $159
Booties (CM brand & 3rd party) $199

Men's footwear
Sneakers $39
Boots $149
Dress shoes $199


  1. A lot of that merchandise has been at previous sample sales, on their clearance site and in their Queens outlet. In my opinion, their new design team are terrible and the direction they've taken the brand over the last two years has rendered it overdesigned, overpriced and tacky.

    Thank you for the comprehensive report as always.

    1. Thank you for reading and for sharing your insight!

  2. Miz, as the above said they don't have many new stuff this year, but they marked up the price too much!!! Do you think you will mark down the price? From Thursday or Friday? thanks as always!

  3. SALE UPDATE: Well that was quick. Prices on select items were reduced today (2/24). Sweaters are $39, coats are $99, pants are $49, and shorts are $29.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, blazers are now $159, shirts are $39, pants are $59, and ties are $16.

  5. Any further mark down?

    1. Yes! Prices now start at $19 for tees/tops/bottoms and top out at $49 for blazers/cashmere. Men's blazers are still expensive at $99-$109
      Check my tweet for a detailed price list: https://twitter.com/dina_gg/status/570782639646486528

  6. SALE UPDATE (2/26): Markdowns are now 80% off the original sample sale prices.

  7. Do you know if there was any xs in mens?

  8. Are there any women's cashmere sweaters or Mayle bags left? Thank you.


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