Mar 4, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Scent-ury 21

With all this traipsing around in snow and slush, New Yorkers are in desperate need of some nice r&r. Whether it's a warm bubbly bath or simply kicking back in your pajamas, the trinity of a glass of chardonnay, soothing music, and an aromatic candle is a great home remedy to cure any and all of your winter blues. And to offer scent seekers a nice discount, parfumeur parisien Diptyque returned to the sample sale scene today. As many of you already know, the connoisseurs of fragrance found a new home at Century 21 (in this case, Scent-ury 21) to host their annual sale. Though I was able to get some early words from fellow Mizhattanites who attended yesterday's preview (many thanks to everyone who wrote in!), I had to check it out for myself so I got up early and headed to the new up-and-coming sample sale venue: C21.

The air was saturated with deliciously spellbinding scents which wafted into my nose as I stepped upstairs onto the second floor sale space. I immediately picked out notes of berry, citrus, floral, and other exotic herbs & spices. Aside from my olfactory observances, I noticed the C21 space was quite small. Because of this snug setting, only 30 or so shoppers were allowed to be inside which made the wait outside extra long and exhausting. But on a happy note, once shoppers actually make it inside, they were allowed to buy up to 30 items--up from yesterday's strict 15 item limit.

Now, let's talk about the goods.

Starting with the standard bougies parfumée, I found: Santal, Pomander, Cedre, Coriandre, Tubéreuse, Feu de Bois, Ambre, Thé, Cyprès, Feuille de Lavande, Ciel, Pin, Verveine, Menthe Verte, Chevrefeuille, Cannelle, Mimosa, and Mimosa. Prices for standard candles were $35.

Mini candles were priced $17 and were available in Vetyvyr, Ciel, Verveine, and Tubéreuse.

Holiday candles were in abundance and stacked up high on multi-level shelves which took up a whole side of the sale space. Standard sizes were $35, minis were $17, 3 candle votives were $45, 5 candle votives were $40, and 10 candle votives were $70. I was able to find lots of the company's 2014 trio holiday scents of Épice, Résine, and Hiver.

Finally, the sample sale included merchandise from their 34 Fragrance and Home Collections. I spotted a healthy volume of $50 EDTs (Eau de Toilettes), $25 solide perfumes, $15 soaps, and $75 hourglasses. In addition, there were various accessories such as $10 candle stands and $20 wick trimmers. Furthermore, in the center of the space, there were two shelves of skincare and bodycare products. Prices for these items as well as the full list can be found at the end of this article.

This year's Diptyque sample sale is set to end on Friday but don't be surprised if they close early like last year when the inventory completely sold out. And speaking of inventory, I was told there will be no restocking. This means that most, if not all, standard size candles will be gone by this evening (if not sooner). And finally, to those who woke up early and braved the long line to attend today's opening, make sure to reward yourself with that nice bubble bath tonight. You deserve it!!

Price list:
Standard $35
Mini $17
Colored $48

Holiday candles
Standard $35
Mini $17
3 Candle votive $45
5 Candle votive $40
10 Candle votive $70
Candle set $75

Cologne 200ml $68
Cologne 100ml $49
Cologne roll on $25
Solide perfumes $25
Travel refill sprays $30

34 Collection Fragrance
EDT $50
RDT $73
Solide perfume $25
Eau particular $68
Limited edition $88
Limited edition solide perfume $30

34 Collection Home
Soap $15
Oval $25
Hourglass $75
Hourglass refill $25

Face balm $32
Face lotion $27
Face moist $36
Face powder $29
Face scrub $32

Photophore $75
Wick trimmer $20
Snuffer $20
Lid $10
Candle stand $10
Candle holder with twist $40


  1. Not in NYC? Now you can take advantage of all NYC sample sales. I shop and ship sample sales to you. Contact to place an order.

    1. I'm in CA and used her services. She's legit and super professional, not to mention friendly and dedicated to her clients. Reasonable pricing too. Definitely recommend!

  2. You are amazing, Miz. I had to keep telling myself I don't even like candles to not get swept up in the excitement of the opening day of the Diptyque sale. Plus I'm just getting over a cold so it's not the time to go out and wait in the cold for two hours. You're a trooper. Did you end up buying anything?

    1. Hi cat,

      Though this morning's weather was super windy and cold, I'm happy to report that I maxed out on the limit and came home with some fabulous scents. I hope you get over the tail end of your cold real soon!

  3. this was extremely helpful, thank you!

  4. Limit to 30 is a great number. 15 is crazy considering it's not that much. Great job Miz !!!

    1. Hi Nathan,

      Totally agree. Maybe it was a gift from Diptyque to all those who braved the weather and the wait this morning. Thank you for reading!

  5. What a clever title

  6. Does anyone know what the stock is like or if there is a line today?

    1. I went this morning and was in the first group to be let in. Don't bother unless you want holiday candles. There were only 2 shower gels left from Byredo. Not worth your time to wait in the snow.

    2. Mushkie thanks so much for your update!

    3. Thank you Mushkie for your update!!

  7. Anonymous - I wouldn't bother. By 6pm yesterday, it was a wasteland, other than pure fragrance and holiday candles.

    Mizhattan - Love your recpas as always; however, would you not agree that C21 was not the best venue? Pretty, but cramped. And the C21 people were awful. In attitude and had absolutely no product knowledge. If that place thinks it's going to be a good SS site, they've got a long way to go (if ever).

    1. Thanks so much for your update!

    2. Interesting question. I think the operators of the C21 Edition annex, LXR&CO, did a fantastic job designing and renovating the space. It's absolutely beautiful and rivals any high fashion company's 5th/Madison Ave boutique. My only qualms are that the space might be "too nice" to be holding sample sales and that it's relatively small. I shudder to think of 1000+ shoppers turning up (which some sample sales command) and have a one-in one-out policy. Think of the wait! As for the C21 employees, that doesn't bother me at all because the space is still in its infancy and they will learn as the sale seasons progress. I look forward to seeing what brands will be hosted there. If any C21/LXR&CO employees are reading this, drop me a line!

  8. FYI: I can not say for sure there will be put backs but I did over hear a few employees taking about the holds they each held in the back room today and the last few hours of the salvatore ferragamo sale last week magically had a dozen pair of shoes, sneakers, ties, wallets, belts and furs show up on the shopping room floor 2 hours before closing.

    for those who are willing to risk it and have the extra time, check back before the end of day the last day for put backs by the employes.

  9. We're there any diptyque staffers at the sale today?

  10. Does anyone know if it's worth to trip tomorrow? It seems most of stuff is taken. I'm looking for any perfume & candle.

  11. Were there any WDR candles at any point?


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